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My name is Zain...dont make me mad(nearly dont try,you will get hurt in the crossfire)
soccer,anime,jiro ball(made up game with my freinds)if i could live to fight i would,and not being angry(it makes you puke blood)
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disturbed,metallica,avenged sevenfold,MEGADETH,DETHKLOK,a lil of mudvayne,
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cool anbu movie
Posted on: September 17, 2007, at 09:08:37pm   [2 comments]

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~{Renji}~ writes...
at 1:26:15pm on 2/18/09
kwl pro =D
SHO111 writes...
at 1:20:07pm on 5/18/08
as always...awsome profile
XxFruitsBasketxX writes...
at 3:12:57pm on 5/17/08
Hey Awsome profile!!
SirDiesAlot writes...
at 4:21:40am on 5/10/08
lol Thanks I guess. I don't really work on it at all though ._.
moondoggie_luv writes...
at 7:45:33pm on 5/5/08
lol. yesh, sand ninjas definaly pwn XD
=Louise500= writes...
at 7:40:18am on 5/5/08
Thanks for the friend add. I'm Louise. In my avatar, Chad isn't there cos I think Ichigo and Rukia would make a good couple and Orihime and Uryu would make a good couple. lol. Plus the avatar file was too big if I included Chad. The maximum file size for the avatar in FFR is 48.8KB, at the moment my avatar is 46.5KB. I wanted to include Chad to make it the five main characters but the file would be oversize if I did.^_^
giggle55 writes...
at 1:45:10am on 5/5/08
ok :) good night
anbu_wolf writes...
at 1:44:39am on 5/5/08
i love my looks like an anime version of me...makes me feel jolly....and kool...and other emotions im not gonna list
giggle55 writes...
at 1:41:09am on 5/5/08
yes :D
giggle55 writes...
at 1:38:02am on 5/5/08
thnx :D
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