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oh wow....
Posted on: August 19, 2007, at 08:34:14am   [0 comments]
man thas sooooo gay,i was playing stupid mario eight bit, and i was playing index(i dont know why)and i went to scrach my neck with my shoulder and i got a whole bunch of boo's!!!!


~~~thats gay~~~

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NEoN BLuE writes...
at 11:52:35pm on 1/3/09
hey biotch whats up man we should totally chill sometime
Kesshutsu writes...
at 3:40:18am on 9/19/08
^_^ spam #11
itachi_kitty writes...
at 9:36:12am on 7/22/08
Hey!.. :D its n-new to you, s-sorry...euhm, thank you. :3 nyways ttyl.
Shika Maxx writes...
at 5:14:58pm on 6/17/08
hey sean i saw u a day ago by creamy cone!!!!
NEoN BLuE writes...
at 9:46:13pm on 3/28/08
n.n mooo
_Swimlinx_ writes...
at 10:39:06pm on 3/9/08
good, been very busy lately lol sadly
i've lost some weight =D like 10 pounds this year =D not that i was fat to begin with
_Swimlinx_ writes...
at 8:57:44pm on 3/9/08
_Swimlinx_ writes...
at 9:39:05pm on 3/3/08
i just miss talking to u
_Swimlinx_ writes...
at 9:35:44pm on 3/3/08
ehh i'm good just bored =/
_Swimlinx_ writes...
at 9:49:55pm on 2/26/08
hey flow flow what's up
hey PM me back and i'll give u my email i'm not really coming on her as much as u can see plz reply back =D
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