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Gravity Kitten writes...
at 2:07:11pm on 12/31/19
123kappa3 writes...
at 12:07:18pm on 11/11/19
Whats your stream
Dinglesberry writes...
at 7:57:45pm on 8/7/19
im surprised u have a single play on FFR and dont just suck werewolf dick tbh
Dinglesberry writes...
at 7:57:04pm on 8/7/19
clown user
SK8R43 writes...
at 9:35:13pm on 1/14/19
Id also recommend trying out spread and a standalone as one hand takes so much more time to get better at and most people dont have the patience. browser lags like hell where standalone doesnt nearly as much.
reuben_tate writes...
at 6:57:22am on 1/10/19
I just realized you've been playing with scroll speed 1. I'd recommend it increasing it a bit. When it's at 1, the notes are too jumbled together and it makes it more difficult to time the notes appropriately.
flashflash account writes...
at 10:37:25pm on 12/7/18
I agree
SK8R43 writes...
at 1:52:23pm on 12/1/18
Death piano is easier than power.
flashflash account writes...
at 10:18:19pm on 11/28/18
SK8R43 writes...
at 5:26:48pm on 11/26/18
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