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_Zenith_ writes at 12:29:24am on 10/14/16
Yo I was just like "oh a message" not expecting you since last you were here was feb first but holy shit. Was just talking to someone about myself being a dick in a TWG game and actually telling someone (you) to perm leave (still sorry) :p
_Zenith_ writes at 11:50:38pm on 10/13/16
I am still very sorry for telling you to gtfo the site man :/
Charles Claythorne writes at 6:10:41pm on 7/9/16
Doodle!!! (sun)
rzr writes at 7:17:30am on 10/17/15
it;s just dying off everywhere huh :/
rzr writes at 11:47:43am on 10/16/15
thats where mashi plays too right??
rzr writes at 11:30:42am on 10/16/15
ay, where else do you play, maybe we can snag a player or two
rzr writes at 11:22:06am on 10/9/15
haha you rock! whats the other site you play on??
rzr writes at 10:50:45am on 10/9/15
hey fool come sign up, Zenith is the host so you don't gotta worry about him being a cock lol
Funnygurl555 writes at 1:12:11am on 8/31/15
whoever you are i'm gonna love you in jtwg
thesunfan writes at 9:32:10pm on 8/30/15
before the TWG game starts I would encourage you to have at least 5 posts outside of the TWG forum as this will allow you to post links. It might also come in handy outside of the TWG game too. Enjoy.