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Mrs.solo dow lo not so solo no more
I guess its Marcey folks haha XD
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Cousintony writes...
at 1:28:01am on 10/23/10
heey there, just stumbled here to say hello since its been a looooong while. I dunno if you will see this or not but if you do, :)
Felhunter writes...
at 1:27:06pm on 5/25/09
haha mauybe it was a compliment =D I dunno? =D so whats up with you anyways?
Felhunter writes...
at 2:52:15am on 5/22/09
haha hopefully you arent ;D But how would i know? Kidding kidding :D Exams for my classes. Schools a bitch!
Felhunter writes...
at 3:14:53pm on 5/17/09
not really the love type? byt more of the "sex" type maybe? ;) juust kidding! aah god im so bored! fucking exams!
Felhunter writes...
at 2:50:05pm on 4/22/09
awwwh haha. im doing really good. life going really well but schools sucking lots of balls. how are you! =D being the love type might be hard...
dxxxbomb writes...
at 10:12:17pm on 4/17/09
good, very busy too guh
dxxxbomb writes...
at 10:07:50pm on 4/17/09
nm girl
how are you?
dxxxbomb writes...
at 3:02:43pm on 4/2/09
omg marcey =]
Felhunter writes...
at 2:47:40pm on 4/2/09
wowww someone decides to check this once in a while =D Im doing really good actually. Lifes pretty chill at the moment so its all good. AWwwh no guys =( that sucks... i think you should FIND ONE! =D
Felhunter writes...
at 3:30:12pm on 1/14/09
awwwh its alright! its good to hear from you though! Im doing pretty good actually :D:D how about you? any guys? ;)
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