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well im a girl,16,bi and i love raves! Music is my life! it gets the best of me! man i hate these things.....umm ok if there are anymore questions feel free to ask me! ill be happy to answere your curiousity! :D
MUSIC,internet, DDR,FFR,Art, guitar hero, taiko,glow sticks,gaia,myspace,Rainbows,Japan,bright light,skatboarding,speed skating,gymnastics,DANCING....
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techno,screamo,emo,eXtremo,punk,rock,indie,underground......fav label company "victory records"
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theres to many to fit in this little box :P
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10 ways to live longer!
Posted on: November 12, 2006, at 12:23:51am   [0 comments]
ok here are 10 ways to live longer! <3

1.Don't over sleep
2.Be optimistic
3.Have more sex
4.Get a pet
5.Get a VAP
6.Be rich
7.Stop smoking
8.Chill out
9.Eat your antioxidants
10.Marry well

so there you go 10 ways to live longer....have fun

P.S. (for number 3)No complaints here. There's decent evidence that sex helps keep us healthy, and thus increases longevity. But according to researchers, it's not necessarily an actual biological response generated by sex that makes us live longer. What's more likely is that having intimate sex means you are less stressed, happier and better rested--all factors that can lower blood pressure and protect against stroke and heart disease. A study published in the April 2004 Journal of the American Medical Association found that "high ejaculation frequency was related to decreased risk of total prostate cancer.

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SabeHaywood writes...
at 6:10:14am on 6/22/07
Hello there. I absolutely LOVE your avvie. ^_^
candycanez writes...
at 3:51:34pm on 12/25/06
Hey Happy Holidays! ♥
nigggel writes...
at 9:31:21pm on 11/21/06
your welcome
it was the least i could say lol =D
nigggel writes...
at 8:00:25pm on 11/16/06
i know im being random
your gorgeous lol
sorry i have to say that :)
nigggel writes...
at 9:18:36pm on 11/15/06
yea i know japanese i leared it in 6th grade =D
nigggel writes...
at 6:23:43pm on 11/14/06
lol so whats:)
firebreeder writes...
at 6:18:21pm on 11/14/06
sorry double type ^.^
firebreeder writes...
at 6:17:12pm on 11/14/06
u missed me ?? aww u do care ^.^add me to ur buddies ^.^
firebreeder writes...
at 6:16:58pm on 11/14/06
u missed me ?? aww u do care ^.^add me to ur buddies ^.^
XxNightMarexX writes...
at 4:01:39pm on 11/14/06
lol, niice.
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