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Yes, I've been here for forever. I'm lazy and I play for fun. I'm a Visual Arts Major. Geek, fashionista, couch-potato. I go by many aliases. It's all very Avant garde. My life is super, and I enjoy otters. Also, fingerpainting.
Puzzles, coffee, architecture, Wolverine, Dodge Chargers, old books, roasted almonds, Polaroids and Steam Punk.
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Jazz, Drum N' Bass, Classical, Dubstep, Blues, Hispanic, Indie-Rock
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Posted on: June 18, 2012, at 11:41:37pm   [0 comments]

Just playing periodically. Occasionally trying for the odd FC. AAA's are just a pain, and I have no patience for them. So, here to have fun and profile-stalk and get my arrows on.
I play spread at 1.4 on Velocity.


vvv [old-new] vvv

06.17.12 - New profile: grunge
06.20.12 - FC Etude to a Dragon. Been trying for months.
07.19.12 - Rank 4,9997. Finally under 5grande.
08.01.12 - This is the most I've ever been ranked on FFR : GO ME.
08.18.12 - [2nd edit] (31) FC's today. That's gotta be some sort of personal record for me.
12.27.12 - Rank finally surpasses gameplays. 3624 to 3629
01.20.13 - Holy crap. Just FC All Of Me. That was stressful.
01.21.13 - 2 billion GT. About fucking time.
06.23.13 - 4,000 game plays.
07.14.13 - New profile. We'll see how long it lasts.

Gurrent Goal - FC 200 songs.
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drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 9:10:20pm on 7/22/13
Thank you for the profile vote! :)
CammyGoesRawr writes at 9:12:20pm on 7/15/13
thanks! :3
Samwais writes at 9:58:05am on 7/15/13
Thanks for the vote :3
ShiroKiri15 writes at 12:38:37am on 7/15/13
Thanks for the vote! :3
kjwkjw writes at 12:32:28am on 7/15/13
Thanks for the vote!
Docmo writes at 1:47:12am on 12/30/12
Yup just me in the car.
mellybear! writes at 11:47:20pm on 12/29/12
welcome!! (((: and thank you! took me so long to decide on it !!
Bluearrowll writes at 1:13:14pm on 12/29/12
Bluearrowll writes at 12:58:28pm on 12/29/12
Somewhat hard to explain over the limitation of a comment wall; do you have an msn or skype? I can explain easier there, but it's basically a hybrid of my main interests which include astronomy, photography, and my annual tradition of going to the local airshow.
Bluearrowll writes at 11:32:47am on 12/29/12
Sir 4k eh? Lol yeah it looks nice. Speaking of profiles, I've been thinking of changing mine for quite some time, I've had the same thing since early 2008, shortly after I joined 5 years ago. I have a concept in mind but am unsure how to blend everything into one profile..