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MasterChiefMan writes...
at 6:14:21am on 10/6/11
I think shadow and rouge should go together, sonic and amy sould go togeter, and tails and cream should go togeter dont know about knukles lol
shadowtherapstar writes...
at 8:34:25am on 5/10/11
comment after this if you think knuxouge and shadamy are shit, and that shadow and rouge belong together
MasterChiefMan writes...
at 2:07:56am on 4/22/11
hey Maybe we could get along since we like shadow
justin_ator writes...
at 8:35:26pm on 3/4/11
What kind of videos and where? On your profile under the tab that says "Your Profile" you can find the "Random Thoughts" link, which allows you to post those. You can embed youtube videos in them by simply posting the url of the video.
volcaloid writes...
at 8:26:04pm on 2/22/11
love you bff your the aaas
love you
ps love ice cream aaaaaaaaaahhhhhlol
shadowtherapstar writes...
at 3:41:59am on 2/18/11
until sonic or silver have that, LONG LIVE SHADOW!!!!!!!!
shadowtherapstar writes...
at 6:45:27am on 2/12/11
shadow the hedgehog is the best, nothing can compare to him and he can stop time, dont see sonic or silver doing that do you
shadowtherapstar writes...
at 6:43:46am on 2/12/11
Darkwest writes...
at 11:12:53pm on 2/2/11
are you at least moving up on the ranks? and improving your skills to pay the bills ;3
Evnoir writes...
at 5:58:35pm on 12/29/10
All I can say is I can try.
I have you on the to-do list along with several other people, but right now, I have a severe cold so I can't really do anything right now.
You don't have to be sorry. It's okay :D
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