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Location:Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Slickst3r's Gameplay Stats Today
16 / 2457
305 / 2457
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54 / 1500
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About me:
Attending Highschool up in Canada ! I love all kinds of sports and many computer games such as First person shooters, RPG\\\'s & browser games like this one. Completely addicted to FFR because of its fast paced activity. Love to play these kind of games, that test your reflexes ! Im a layed back guy, chill most of the time.
Basketball, Track & Field, Volleyball, Computer Technician, Electronics, Having a good time, Movies.
Fav Music:
Im a hip hop kinda guy. Even though most of this FFR music is catchy. I like eminem, drake, sean kingston, usher, nelly, lil wayne, jason derulo, chamillionaire, flo rida.
Fav Movies:
Horror/Thriller & Action: Zombieland, Avatar, Legion, Devil, Final Destination, The karate Kid. Etc :P
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100 FC's - October 23rd, 2010
200 FC's - November 3rd, 2010
300 FC's - December 1st, 2010
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10,000 - October 25th, 2010
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7,000 - October 27th, 2010
6,000 - October 28th, 2010
5,000 - October 31st, 2010
4,000 - November 4th, 2010
3,000 - November 11th, 2010

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1b - October 22nd, 2010

Comment wall
!Daedae! writes...
at 6:07:19pm on 1/12/12
You still active on FFR?
daedae123 writes...
at 11:29:31pm on 11/14/10
Yeah, I know. It's been forever since I've played on this account. Hahah,
daedae123 writes...
at 11:12:30pm on 11/14/10
Yeep. This was my first account..
!Daedae! writes...
at 11:06:10pm on 11/14/10
Lol, I wonder. I'mma get on my old account. Haha.
!Daedae! writes...
at 11:01:53pm on 11/14/10
I heard you can become a vet for gettin'
3bil? Damn..
DarkBlackShadowDragonEnix writes...
at 6:36:33pm on 11/14/10
np ^.^
!Daedae! writes...
at 12:00:19pm on 11/14/10
Lol, yeaah. (: Haahaha, Get that 3bil.!
You'll be a vet. Haha
prongsie writes...
at 7:00:07am on 11/14/10
no problemooooooooo :3
Jenz2 writes...
at 4:13:55am on 11/14/10
Np np :)
!Daedae! writes...
at 11:50:28pm on 11/13/10
Yeah. I'm still very much into FFR,
I've just been busy a lot lately.
Not enough time to be gettin' on the
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