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About me:
I am a high school Seinor (age 16) from Hawai'i.
Anime, Sports, Manga, Harry Potter, Boys, Beach and anything that is intreasting to me.
Fav Music:
I love all music...
Fav Movies:
Scary movies, fantasy, Anime all movies. Harry Potter too but I like the books better.
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My top 5 anime's
Posted on: September 13, 2007, at 10:11:32am   [7 comments]
1. Deathnote
2. Inuyasha
3. Naruto
4. Fullmetal alchemist
5. Bleach

A Lahainaluna boarder's Mon-Fri schedual
Posted on: September 13, 2007, at 12:47:20am   [3 comments]
5:30am wake up
6-7am work (yard work)
7-7:20am get ready 4 school (bathe, change clothes, clean room ect.)
7:30-8am eat breakfast at the cafeteria
8-2pm School
2-2:15pm get ready for work
2:15-4pm work (yard work again)
4-6:30pm Sports or free time if no sports (volleyball 4 me)
6:30-7pm bathe, eat ect.
7-9:10pm study time
9:10-10pm clean dorm (lounges, bathrooms, hallways, storage rm., laundry rm. ect)
10pm Lights out until tommorow

OMG it is 9/11
Posted on: September 11, 2007, at 09:56:13am   [2 comments]
Were all gonna die!!

My Life
Posted on: September 9, 2007, at 02:20:04am   [3 comments]
I am a boarder. yes boarding school. It is awesome! I love sports too. I board at Lahaina and live in Hana if anyone knows where either of those places are it is on Maui one of the eight islands of Hawai'i! The picture is my boarding classmates and me the only picture i can find right now with me in it but don't worry I will add more tommorow!

Comment wall
lilangelgurl writes...
at 2:05:45am on 6/25/08
Awwe I love your avi!!
your bg is sweet too!
Omega Zero Ace writes...
at 12:11:09pm on 10/26/07
Hey, Sorry I havn't written n a wile... I've ben checkin' some other web sites.I am now a member of yahoo, red fraction, proboards, my space, and gaia online. I just wanted to refer you to gaia if you haven't already ben 2 the site.
Omega Zero Ace writes...
at 12:15:23pm on 10/15/07
Hey wuts up or down? We just came off fall brake and i really didn't have one. It sucks when you have football practice all week when you are supposed to be off. But i was just checin' in...
RealAnimeFreak writes...
at 3:03:04pm on 10/14/07
RealAnimeFreak writes...
at 11:51:09am on 10/3/07
Hey, what's up?
Xx{Midday}xX writes...
at 5:25:58pm on 10/1/07
looks like u were ap19's friend too..., comment on my random thought about ap19 plz...
Omega Zero Ace writes...
at 12:04:08pm on 10/1/07
Never mind the abbr. I'm OK [:
Omega Zero Ace writes...
at 1:58:32pm on 9/24/07
Go to my random thought, it'll explain what i need as far as abbr. go.
~GJampa writes...
at 5:09:54am on 9/23/07
Oh oops, silly me. Well I accepted yours ;]
RealAnimeFreak writes...
at 1:57:01pm on 9/21/07
Same, just boredom and.....stuff
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