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About me:
so yeah um.. ask meh? l0l.
volleyball, piano, UFC, lifegurding, games (zelda ftw), languages, yugioh l0l o.o; ..
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rock, alternative, metal, hardcore, screamo, heavy metal, metalcore, deathcore, some rap, hip hop, RnB, reggaeton, other spanish music x], techno, trance/eurotrance, raves, electronica, dubstep, DnB
Fav Movies:
breakfast club, sandlot, click, vantage point, transformers (all 3), gridiron gang, taken, yes man, star trek, xmen origins, harold and kumar 1&2, jackass 3d, in time, rise of the planet of the apes
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Posted on: October 23, 2010, at 01:56:31pm   [0 comments]
blaaahhh... so my new laptop lags n I'm pissed about it... but it's whateverr i suppose i can cope with it.. im just so god damn happy FFR is back up! :D
Posted on: May 2, 2009, at 09:28:52pm   [6 comments]
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Missdeltona07 writes at 11:15:23am on 2/14/12
:3 Ty hon ^.^
Missdeltona07 writes at 6:01:14am on 2/14/12
Happy Love Day!!! :D <3
*hugs and kisses! :3*
Missdeltona07 writes at 6:01:08pm on 2/12/12
Missdeltona07 writes at 3:53:58pm on 2/11/12
Lol ik i am :P
But i changed it again lmfao
And put my last bg on my other acct xD
Missdeltona07 writes at 10:51:14am on 2/10/12
Lol yesss :D
I totally laugh at my background looool!
I put it up just to see wat my friend will say xD i also wanna see how long until he cracks or something lol <3
Missdeltona07 writes at 10:17:03am on 2/9/12
At hon :)
I like ur profile better like this lol <333
Missdeltona07 writes at 6:02:36am on 2/9/12
Hover ur mouse over 'Your profile' And click on 'Change profile style' :)
Missdeltona07 writes at 2:56:31pm on 2/7/12
Lmfao. I highly doubt that hon :P
Missdeltona07 writes at 6:04:15am on 2/7/12
That ur up norht and im stuck in boring ass Florida :P
PS: That chick is adding all my friends i swear its annoying the shit outta me lol....
Missdeltona07 writes at 5:58:49am on 2/6/12
Awwwww. That just sucks :O