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sonicdeadpool23 writes...
at 11:50:59am on 1/30/16
I like Kagome. She's my favorite from Inuyasha.
rukia01 writes...
at 10:33:14pm on 7/12/09
inuyasha fan here too
manga_freak101 writes...
at 10:35:50pm on 8/26/08
youtube XD writes...
at 9:11:05am on 7/25/08
your pro s awsome it g
dazed101 writes...
at 3:05:12pm on 6/19/08
watch inuyasha here
darkelf1135 writes...
at 3:43:55pm on 3/24/08
yay inuyasha is awesome
spider-man619 writes...
at 8:10:35pm on 2/19/08
i never really see you on lately. Has it going
NarutoUchiha5977 writes...
at 8:52:47pm on 1/5/08
spider-man619 writes...
at 7:48:27pm on 12/26/07
it was really big and it was hard getting it in my house but it is the best thing ever
spider-man619 writes...
at 7:47:11pm on 12/26/07
merry Christmas to you too. for Christmas i have got this from my mommom and poppop:
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