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I am a country girl, my name is Erin, I have short brown hair, I am about 5'4, and I am 106 lbs.Im completly full of myself, i admit, If I have a pic of a guy for my avatar, he's one of my fav stars or in one of my fav bands, or I just think hes hot!
I love sports (soccer, volleyball, football, softball, and cheerleading, and soon bball) I also like to read and listen to music, and of course...GUYS!!
Fav Music:
pop, rap, country, r&b, oldies,some rock, retro, and hiphop....panic! at the disco, martina mcbride, fergie, and all american rejects,killers, ummm, sean paul, kenny chesney<3, Daddy Yankee...and a lot more!
Fav Movies:
its a wonderful life, the notebook, and saving private ryan,the wizard of oz,schinclers list,legally blonde,the seed of chuckie, nightmare before christmas, its a wonderful life, forest gump, the war, christmas story, lord of the rings, as good as it gets, patriot, pay it forward...horror and comedy mostly...and tons more!
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hey are u there?
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at 10:31:49pm on 8/6/07
Hey, check out ROCKABILLY_PINUP she needs help on veiws and uhmm would like some pic comments =D
laxplyr26 writes...
at 12:28:44am on 7/26/07
why hello there!!!!!!!
now that i have free time and actually came online for something other than college stuff what is UPPPPP!!!!!
carlypoo<3 writes...
at 2:41:53pm on 7/17/07
haha ur cute<3
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at 8:58:56am on 7/17/07
hey wats up
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at 10:46:34am on 7/12/07
Nice pic
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at 9:57:07pm on 7/5/07
xxpanda07xx writes...
at 2:23:06pm on 7/1/07
oh lol my bad . yeah he is though. so my name is amanda but as u can tell my frineds call me panda so whats up?
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at 11:53:28am on 6/29/07
sexy12355 writes...
at 9:51:18am on 6/29/07
i voted
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