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Right now im working at a sonic in my local town. First job i have had in over 4 months.
Music, hanging out with friends, drinking.. smokin doin w/e
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Borgore skrillex tech n9ne kriss kaliko what ever really
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Anything anyone else is willin to watch with me.
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iDaedae writes at 4:55:37pm on 9/24/12
Hah, had a good time playing with ya. Lookin' forward to mashing arrows again. :D
LightArrow writes at 7:56:13pm on 9/22/12
Here you go!^2.swf
NintendoDS19 writes at 11:08:04pm on 11/4/11
Of course I remember you lol. I haven't been on Runescape in ages, what's up?
NintendoDS19 writes at 9:03:31pm on 5/17/11
yah I think I remeber ya. I haven't played it in a few months though but every once a couple of months i get on and do some mining -shrug- lol
xxburriedaly06xx writes at 2:03:03pm on 5/17/11
WONT BE PLAYING FOR A WHILE.. got some things i need to do... so maybe 3-6 months keep me added tho =)
xBBx Takedown writes at 8:06:10pm on 5/12/11
No prob.
maybenot5693 writes at 6:58:13pm on 5/8/11
Thanks for the vote!(:
Everr writes at 12:05:10pm on 5/6/11
i AAA'ed all 2s im on 3s but im very lazy im actually going for FCs right now.. FCing everything 8 and under and im about done but yeah.. then im gonna move on to 9s and when im 100mill away from 2b im gonna strictly AAA 3s and 4s hopfully hit 110 (: before 2bill
Everr writes at 11:35:08am on 5/5/11
yeah (: well you know slow songs teach patiants and accuracy :P also patterns! i like em but i hate them but the synth light songs are the ones i hate with a passion XD
Everr writes at 11:44:58am on 5/4/11
oh yeah man lol but like the rock songs that are 3 plus minutes i kinda like XD but seriously i havnt AAA'ed all 3s not even close to all 3s or 4s out there and i almost have 90 AAA's like damn i hate these easy songs there really irritating but after you play em once (: there done forever! so its worth it