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Posted on: December 13, 2006, at 10:21:53pm   [1 comment]
We're the Utes from Utah. We are #2
We like to play football, but not with BYU
We like to play football we think it's lots of fun
We hate to play the Cougars, cause they are #1
Utah Utes i don't want to be
BYU Cougars that's the team for me!

GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: November 1, 2006, at 05:25:08pm   [0 comments]
injuries are the crapiest thing that has ever been invented especially if im the magnet for injuries

Posted on: October 10, 2006, at 04:56:28pm   [0 comments]
sports are like the next hottest thing besides girls of course but seriously i think that they are better then some videogames

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hot_blonde714 writes...
at 7:54:23pm on 9/5/07
your prabablyy not even onnn
hot_blonde714 writes...
at 7:49:14pm on 9/5/07
lets talk right nowww wat about connect 4 room wwe make it privatee
crystal-sigma writes...
at 1:22:00pm on 9/5/07
nice pic dude, thumps up
hot_blonde714 writes...
at 12:22:53pm on 9/5/07
lol your a freshman!! all the seniors are gonna kill u lol i miss u to i wanna talk to u
ichliebekase writes...
at 1:41:53pm on 9/4/07
ive got a sn: guitarrocker617
mmrocks95 writes...
at 12:59:05pm on 9/4/07
you and hot blonde look like a cute couple and sound like one too. im really happy for you
ichliebekase writes...
at 11:13:49pm on 9/3/07
thanx ;)
K!$$ TH!$ writes...
at 9:41:01pm on 9/3/07
thanks :)
BeachBlondie127 writes...
at 9:33:45pm on 9/2/07
nothing much you?
hot_blonde714 writes...
at 1:27:42pm on 9/2/07
anything neww baby
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