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Jamz here. I'm a whitewashed Chinese dude who's doing grad school at McGill atm.
Games (dabble mostly in rhythm, RTS, DotA-esque, and platformer), Computers, Chillaxin', Sleeping, Animu
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Posted on: July 4, 2012, at 11:12:04pm   [3 comments]
7/1-7/3: busy working on presentation. Makes me really want to try and adjust to working when I listen to music but music is too distracting for me ):

7/4: [Nhato] Etude (2012) - Trance, Progressive House, Electro
Favorites: Hello World, Another Morning, Moonquake feat. Hiroyuki ODA

7/5: [Nhato] Far East Garden (2011) - Trance, Progressive House
Favorites: Two tracks total, both solid

7/6: I don't even remember what happened today

7/7: [VA] Beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle OST (2012) - Lots
Favorites: Love B.B.B., Far East Nightbird, I'm So Happy

7/8: [David Lanz] Beloved - A David Lanz Collection (1995) - Orchestral, Piano, New Age
Favorites: Summer's Child, Cristofori's Dream

7/9: [John Coltrane] My Favorite Things (1961) - Jazz
Favorites: Snooze music oop

7/10: [Various Artists] Linkup remixside Delights vol. 1 (2010) - J-Trance, Progressive House
Favorites: Flash (Nhato Remix), Enthusiastic Cloudland (Dizzi Mystica Remix)

7/13: RIP

7/12: [Sasakure.UK] プロトタイプ ナナクジャク (2010) - Vocaloid, various
Favorites: -

7/13: [Yellow Magic Orchestra] Solid State Survivor (1979) - Synth-pop, eletronic
Favorites: Rydeen

7/17: [L'elan Vital] The Wink and the Gun (2008) - Indie, Post Rock
Favorites: wasn't paying attention

7/18: [Benny Tones] Chrysalis (2011) - Soul, Hiphop
Favorites: On My Way feat. Mara TK

Man I really struggle with this over the summer

7/23: [Ooshima Michiru] Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei OST (2010) - Soundtrack, Orchestral, Easy Listening
Favorites: Watashi no Theme, Kami-sama no Iu Toori

7/26: [Various Artists] The Heart on the Right Spot (2007) - Hip hop, Trip hop, Electronic
Favorites: wasn't paying attention


Quit FFR community so I won't be updating here anymore
Posted on: June 2, 2012, at 12:19:07am   [0 comments]
Yeah Diablo 3 put me on a pretty big hiatus from listening to stuff, as well as the beginning of my research, but here's me trying to make up those lost days!

6/1: [Mondo Grosso] Born Free (1995) - House, Acid Jazz
Favorites: Do You See What I See

6/2: [Passion Pit] A Chunk of Change (2008) - Electronic, Indie, Rock
Favorites: Live To Tell This Tale

6/3: Failed

6/4: [Russell Brower] Diablo III Soundtrack (2012) - Instrumental, Epic, Video Game
Favorites: And The Heavens Shall Tremble, Bastion's Keep, Leah

6/5: [paraoka ft. haru*nya] リゾルヴ (2009) - Japanese, ..pop? xd
Favorites: サーキット, ブート

6/6: [paraoka] psycho-function soundtrack (2004) - fuck genres
Favorites: Wasn't paying attention

6/7: [Grooploop] Japanese Animation!! Brazilian Flavour (2008) - Bossa Nova, Jazz, Soundtrack Arrange
Favorites: On a Clear Day, Carrying You, Merry-Go-Round of Life

6/8: [Sasakure.UK] 幻実アイソーポス (2012) - Vocaloid, Electronic, Pop, idk
Favorites: ロストエンファウンド feat. 初音ミク, オオカミ少年独白 feat. Cana(Sotte Bosse),

6/9: Failed

6/10: Failed

6/11: [void] altersist (2011) - Electronic, Trance
Favorites: Arctic Embrace, One faith, Altersist

6/12: [Yamajet] Jetgrind (2005) - Electronic, Breakbeat, House, Synth-pop, etc.
Favorites: Over the Ocean, Colored

6/13: [Joe Hisashi] Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind Symphony (1984) - Orchestral, Arrangement
Favorites: Kaze No Densetsu, Fukai

6/14: [Diverse System] AD:Trance (2011) - Electronic, Trance
Favorites: Asia'n Waterlily, Hello and Again, When the rain

6/15: [The Dave Brubeck Quartet] Time Out (1959) - Jazz
Favorites: Blue Rondo a la Turk, Take Five

6/16: [Swing Holic] Volume 1 (2008) - Jazz, Bossa Nova, Wap Engrish, Touhou Arrange
Favorites: Eternal Brightness, Life is but A sweet Game...

6/17: Failed

6/18: [Anathema] Weather Systems (2012) - Progressive Rock
Favorites: Untouchable Part 1, The Gathering of the Clouds

6/19: [Nils Frahm] Wintermusik (2009) - Ambient, Neoclassical

6/20: [Ishiwatari Junji, Sunahara Yoshinori, Yakushimaru Etsuko] Kami-sama no Iu Toori (2010) - Single, Anime OP, Electronic, Chiptune
Favorites:... it's a single

6/21: I listened to FFRCP does that count

6/22: [Adele] 19 (2008) - Pop, Soul
Favorites: Chasing Pavements, Cold Shoulder, Right as Rain

6/23: Failed

6/24: [VA] Trio EP (2012) - Progressive House, Trance
Favorites: Shinonome

6/25: [Maps & Atlases] Perch Patchwork (2010) - Alternative Rock, Indie, Experimental
Favorites: oop playin minecraft

6/26: [Yoko Shimomura] Radiant Historia OST (2010) - VGM, Nintendo DS, Soundtrack
Favorites: Blue Radiance, The Edge of Green, -HISTORIA- (instrumental ver)

6/27-28: (holy shit it's Friday already) [Port of Notes] Joint Adventure (2002) - New Age, Japanese, Chillout, Bossa Nova
Favorites: Sailing to Your Love (New Recording 2002),

6/30: [Russ Chimes] Midnight Club EP (2010) - Electronic, Dance, House
Favorites: all p gud
Posted on: May 2, 2012, at 02:58:05pm   [0 comments]
Gonna ramp it the detail a little bit. Maybe a short review and favorite songs.

5/1/12: ==FAILED== (watching too much Avatar huehue)
5/2/12: ==FAILED== (I am a true binge watcher)

[Gui Boratto] Chromophobia (2007) - Electronic, IDM, Minimal
Favorites: Beautiful Life, The Verdict

[The Reign of Kindo] This is What Happens (2010) - Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock, Indie
Favorites: Nightingale, Blistered Hands, Psalm

5/5/12: Cinco de Mayo!
[The Society Islands] Last Hero of the Western World (2010) - Psychedelic Rock, Folk, Indie
Favorites: Last Hero of the Western World, The Feud

5/6/12: wtf cogpsych
[The Reign of Kindo] This is Also What Happens (2010) - Arrange, Chiptune, 8-bit
Favorites: Bullets in the Air, Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Comfort in the Orchestration

5/7/12: REU program get (o:
[Silkie] City Limits Vol. 1 (2009) - Electronic, UK Garage, Dubstep
Favorites: Concrete Jungle, Quasar, Beauty

5/8/12: == FAILED == (no excuse rip)
[REL] Out of View (2012) - Hip Hop, Downtempo, Chillwave
Favorites: Lost Forwards, On My Way

[Utada Hikaru] Deep River (2002) - J-pop, R&B
Favorites: Deep River, Letters, Hikari

5/11/12: == FAILED == (festivities inc)

[MiddleIsland] 弦奏無彩色 (2012) - Neo-classical, Instrumental
Favorites: Achromat, Malvina tidy, Magnetic Shift

5/13/12: Mother's Day!
[Diverse System] AD:House (2012) - House, electronic, jazzy, idk a lot xd
Favorites: ララルトゥタ, Our Passion, Last Farewell

5/14/12: == FAILED == (Finals okay gimme a break)

[Shing02] 400 (2001) - J-Hip Hop
I wasn't really paying attention to finals, packing and shit (o:

5/16/12: happy bday xd
[Neon Trees] Habits (2010) - Indie rock, Pop/Alternative Rock
Favorites: Animal, 1983

5/17/12: == FAILED == (Diablo 3 oooomg)
Posted on: April 9, 2012, at 08:12:34pm   [2 comments]
Starting today, I'm going to try and listen to a new album everyday. Doubt I can adhere perfectly but I'll do as best as I can.

123456 DO IT

4/9/12: [Bill Evans Trio] Sunday at the Village Vanguard (1961)
4/10/12: [Shingo Nakamura] Sapporo (2011) - courtesy of GD and LG
4/11/12: [jj] n° 2 (2009)
4/12/12: [R.E.M.] Dead Letter Office (1987)
4/13/12: [凛として時雨] Inspiration is DEAD (2007) - courtesy of 'grass'
4/14/12: [Zephyr Cradle] BIFROST - Way to Chronos (2006)
4/15/12: [CunninLynguists] A Piece of Strange (2006)
4/16/12: [Kyohei Akagawa] Airo / Parker (2010) - courtesy of LG
4/17/12: [Squarepusher] Hard Normal Daddy (1997)
4/18/12: ==FAILED==
4/19/12: [NAK & Evan Awake] Rogue Hearts (2011)
4/20/12 (n1 puff): [The Strokes] Room On Fire (2003)
4/21/12: ==FAILED==
4/22/12: [Passion Pit] Manners (2009) - courtesy of CMU's concert
4/23/12 (new headphones today !!): [Little West] Into the Little World (2008)
4/24/12: [Ratatat] LP4 (2010)
4/25/12: [Marchitect & Soulchef] Passport (2012)
4/26/12: [Ennio Morricone] Per Un Pugno di Dollari (1964)
4/27/12: [Charlie Byrd & Stan Getz] Jazz Samba (1962)
4/28/12: [Kylie Monogue] Fever (2001) - courtesy of GD and Coldstone
4/29/12: [Emancipator] Safe on the Steep Cliffs (2010)
4/30/12: [Melody Gardot] My One and Only Thrill (2009)
Posted on: November 23, 2007, at 10:31:19pm   [6 comments]
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I'm sorry to hear that! Have people complained about it before?
I just love the song itself, and feel the steps climax in just the right points to fit the song. Plus the runningman polyrhythms feel amazing.
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