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Music education major, I like music and fighting games! I don't really play FFR anymore, just Stepmania. I have a few simfiles which will be released in VGMP4 and Stepping Stones of Stepmania 3, check them out when they come out!
Music, fighting games, weed
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Too much
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MarioNintendo writes...
at 2:23:48pm on 9/17/20
MarioNintendo writes...
at 12:49:11pm on 10/24/19
Sidek writes...
at 12:31:22am on 5/2/18
thank you !!
Sidek writes...
at 2:32:03pm on 4/30/18
what theme you use in stepmania?
Ristyy writes...
at 4:06:31am on 7/13/17
allright pastebin for the win!
Ristyy writes...
at 4:05:27am on 7/13/17
my outbox isn't working on here for some reason, i can't see sent messages so i don't know if this sent but here ya go haha
[QUOTE=MooMoo_Cowfreak]Dayum you have a lot of fantastic files but I just wanna sing my praises for O'er the Flood, I think it's your Magnum Opus. Such a masterpiece, seriously dude! Would have posted this on your profile but you've got some crazy profile style lol[/QUOTE]
Thank you for playing my files, I'm glad you find them fun :)
I actually think very highly of your Sensation file as well, out of the like let's say the 30k files i've played i decided to make a compilation of files i think are the godliest in stepmania (excluding dark chancellors pack because that pack is pretty damn good) and only selected 48, yours is in there. You've got a very exquisite skill and technique, mad props man!
O'er The Flood was an interesting file to make, a very simple approach in general, but everything came together very smoothly. I was going for a file with
trumaestro writes...
at 2:43:45am on 2/7/17
lofty rhino writes...
at 9:22:37pm on 12/9/16
are you trying to start a band or something?
evanescence_death4ever writes...
at 5:54:27pm on 12/9/16
Ay, I play the flute, too
upvote incoming
lofty rhino writes...
at 12:39:59pm on 10/13/16
lovely to listen to
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