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GammaBlaster writes...
at 2:48:08am on 11/12/13
you're back
Wineandbread writes...
at 1:54:05pm on 9/4/11
mfw they lock your intro thread
who_cares973 writes...
at 8:57:21pm on 9/1/11
Sup masuat :')
leonid writes...
at 11:03:01pm on 5/19/11
LongGone writes...
at 8:10:53pm on 10/20/10
ScaryArrows.. writes...
at 11:56:06pm on 8/9/09
Proleague Final VODS
ScaryArrows.. writes...
at 2:52:39am on 8/8/09
I started playing again after like 3-4 years, so I really suck now since the avg. skill lvl is kinda high, getting gosu again is gonna take some work -_-; But yeah I play iCCup, doing bad though lol
ScaryArrows.. writes...
at 10:37:07pm on 8/7/09
Dunno if players like iDra and Pj interest you but here's what's going down now I think, just took a quick peek at it:
ScaryArrows.. writes...
at 9:17:30pm on 8/6/09
Sounds good, I'll link you the VODs in case you wanna watch them, along with the results from that specific league ^^;
ScaryArrows.. writes...
at 7:54:49pm on 8/6/09
Yeah Tasteless has gotten much better with his commentary =D I dunno if your still interested in watching the games and what not, but I can fill you in with upcoming games and such if you want O.o
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