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HIII My name is javonte but everyone calls me Von for short. I love music and i'm a huge nerd and I love it. I Have a girlfriend named sandy and I love her to deathhhh. I'm 16 turning 17 in september yayy. I play guitar and have been for 2 years now! anddddd I work at a pretzel place at the mall. Woo
Guitar,games,chillin with friends,and being a nerd
Fav Music:
Metal,deathcore,hardcore,metalcore,black metal...everythinnnnnggg Bands i like? as i lay dying bring me the horizon as blood runs black skeleton witch dying fetus motley crue the almond brothers band bad company led zepplin all shall perish heaven shall burn soldiers the hotness winter sun IWRESTLEDABEARONCE winds of plague black tide and so much more ><
Fav Movies:
Harold and kumar escape guantanamo bay that movie was so funny XD napoleon dynomite(best movie evah)
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I need a hair cut.
Posted on: October 14, 2008, at 03:27:55pm   [1 comment]

Sooo i just got back from a show
Posted on: August 1, 2008, at 01:18:12am   [1 comment]
It was so bad ass this was my second time seeing skeleton witch..don't really remember the other bands but they did a pretty good job too..but skeleton was soooo awesome..even better than their last time XD if you like thrash/black metal listen to them

Posted on: July 31, 2008, at 12:08:02am   [0 comments]
I acctually decided to make a avy that matches my profile XD i think it looks good ..i could of done better but i was impatient and wanted to get it over with XD tell me what you think about it XD

new picccs...eerr..kinda
Posted on: July 30, 2008, at 09:49:24pm   [0 comments]
I added new pics ..a few of them are from like a year ago..the others are closer to now..i need to get more recent pics but my camera broke so D: but anyways..look at THEMZ

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kairi50 writes...
at 1:04:10am on 12/6/11
hiii :) im sherie
Pinkychick7 writes...
at 2:41:06pm on 12/11/08
hehehe ;
how fun! ;]
Pinkychick7 writes...
at 7:14:35pm on 12/9/08
nothing much ;
Pinkychick7 writes...
at 5:08:34pm on 12/8/08
hello [=
JackieA593 writes...
at 1:25:23am on 12/7/08
Hahahah :) I SHOULD TRY!
Awh! You have a picture with yours guitar! :) lol.
Lol. Actually i can play jingle bells on the guitar!
but only with the first 2 strings... haha :)
like.... i know it's E and i wanna say A....
but i'm not sure. They're the thinnest strings.
Yeah i only use those two to play jingle bells.
Hahahah :) impressive, huh? :) just kiddding. lol.
JackieA593 writes...
at 4:31:09pm on 12/2/08
Well i just changed into my cheer uniform (:
we've gotta cheer at our first basketball game of the year today! :D
I'm excited!!! Guy's basketball is always sooo intense! :)
and you play the guitar? Ahh! :)
oh my gosh! That's sooo COOOL! :)
I've always wanted tooo! Hahahaha (:
JackieA593 writes...
at 6:44:33pm on 11/23/08
hey (: what's up?
i see you're on my friends list or whatever it's called.
but we don't talk! actually i'm like never on here...
but i am right now. Haha (:
so how's it goin? (:
hypothetically writes...
at 3:45:56pm on 11/2/08
no worries, im sleepy lol and u?
morcheeba writes...
at 6:11:11pm on 10/15/08
well i did :)
Candy_Flavored_Vamp writes...
at 1:47:44pm on 10/15/08
im a size 13 why?
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