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Hey I'm Taylor famous(aka Andrew Mattew Parham).and yeah iam a guy lol that just to let you know cuz someone asked lol) :]. I'm fun to talk to and hang with ,i love doing really crazy thing and i love to go shopping, text text my friends mostly in class and i love to gossip its my favorite thing to do at school and hang out with my friends witch i have a lot of :] um and I'm bi lol for dumb people that means in like boys and girls.uh um and I'm single now me and my b/f broke up not to long ago because we got into a huge fight and i have great friends there all ways there for me when i need them and we have an amazing time together and don't be shy say hi ehymygawd that rhymind well if u wanna know more just ask mmkay :]and i don't like fakes or people who act like there some on else why don't they just be there self because its worng to trick people like that and they should be there self and then people will like them more so yah message or w/e and if u wanna know more just ask.Laters people lol :] my old accounts Hollister_prep12 so yah.and if u wanna talk on the phone or text me just ask for the number and ill give it to you.and btw iam 15.. :] but ill date people older just not like 50 and around there nasty lol.and i model for barizon of raliegh its a good modeling school oh yah iam gonna put up my modeling pictures up on here soon as i find them my mom has em .if u want to model you should look up babizion it is a great place to lern all about modeling idk if thats wat i wanna do when i get out of college its modeling or i want to be a fashion desingner:]
Hanging out with my hoes,shopping and ,texting and talking to new people i love talking to people and going to north hills mall with friends after school.i go to Carroll middle school I'm in the 8th grade I'm going to the 9th yay!and i like to go to the beach and i love how the sand feels on my feet and i cant forget boys lol i like them a lil more then girls.:]and iam looking for the one :].let me tell u about my besties first theres Samantha Taylor shes my bff shes an amazing friend she is fun to be around shes almost always happy and and i love her !! so much for beeing there for me.amd there yara lol shes hilarious and shes a really good friend of mine and i have some much fun hanging and talking to her.and theres Sarah lol my homie for life me and her and yara r allway gossiping to each other about people lol and my friend tre has a crush on her lol hes very hot btw lol and there lauren ball i have known her for ever lol we went to childtime togther(its a day care) lol and we hang out alot at the mall mostly lol shes like a sister to me cuz shes met most of my family we went alot of places togther.and theres simoine lol shes crazy as hell me and her r allways acting up when we see hang out with each other and were pretty much always cracking up when were with each other lol i have known her since like the sixth grade but were like best friends now lol when we first met we used to hate each other but then we became cool and she calms she made me who i am now lol.and i love fashion. and my i have facebook and vampire freak my sn for vampire freaks is taylor_famous and i have myspace taylor_famous add me!
Fav Music:
Mostly stuff that comes on g105. like i really really like that song pocket full of sun shine , bleeding love ,and I'm a huge fan on metro station shake it there song is amazing i love it i have it on my ipod lol. umm i like old stuff like Britteny's old stuff and i like chirstina agulaira music.
Fav Movies:
um Alivin and the chimp monks,titanic and the wizard of oz. and if u wanna know more just ask i don't bite lol ;] or if u like it i do lol i love a walk to remember
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