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I'm addicted to video games and my mom wishes there was a cure, but fortunately for me, there isn't one. I love movies and read an occasional Japanese comic book. I'm not so big on making plans, so I don't go out very often. The only people who I talk to are my friends, and even then I don't talk to them much. I only really get to talk to them over the internet on my myspace ( And of course my family, I talk with them. I'd tell you more, but I'll let you figure the rest out. I'm almost 21 and I live in West Jordan, Utah (hoping that this will soon change to Las Angeles, California. I've always wanted to live in California!).
Video games, movies, acting, acrobatics, sports, friends, other social life, and the internet! Oh yeah, and girls.....can't forget about girls! OH! And the most important thing of all: CARS!!!!!
Fav Music:
I love techno! It somehow.....defines me! I like to listen to rock, pop, and some classical (depends on what it is). I don't know a lot about the whole musical world, so if you ask me all the bands or artists I like, I wouldn't be able to tell you. But I do know the music I like when I hear it.
Fav Movies:
The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Island, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wanted, Underworld, Monster in Law, Pirates of the Carribean, V for Vendetta, Lucky Number Sleven, and the FullMetal Alchemist series. Oh! and one of my new favorites, TSUBASA!!!
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thedarkknightrising writes at 3:15:09pm on 10/10/13
omg death note x3
CAFK writes at 7:49:05pm on 10/25/09
Haha yeah. L4D2 is going to be pretty awesome. 8) I want to get a desktop myself cuz my lappy has shitty specs...or maybe get that republic of gamers laptop I've been eyeing at Best Buy lately.
CAFK writes at 12:47:14pm on 10/20/09
Lol I've been pretty awesome.
Been trying to get my game on lately with my 360, but my parents always hog the good TV. xD But I've been recently playing Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, Prototype, Black (old i kno), and a few other ones. I wanna head to gamestop and check out the games they have, rofl.
CAFK writes at 5:32:23pm on 10/12/09
Duuuuuuuuude. Where you been! How are you?
UnluckySoul writes at 1:57:57pm on 10/5/09
thnx for da vote! =D
The Dead Man writes at 5:01:43am on 5/24/09
cool profile
Go_Oilers_Go writes at 3:07:31am on 10/19/08
My friend's buddy picked us up and drove us to the impound lot. I told my parents I was at uni studying. :p
Go_Oilers_Go writes at 2:32:58am on 10/19/08
Good guess, buddy. :p Yeah, my bud and I both got our cars impounded. Best part is I kept the whole thing a secret from my parents.
Go_Oilers_Go writes at 2:06:36am on 10/19/08
I've only ever got one ticket. And my car got impounded for a night because of it. :p
Go_Oilers_Go writes at 2:25:50am on 10/16/08
Have you done anything aftermarket to it aside from the underglow? It's nice, by the way. I'm sorta looking around at Lancers right now. I'm hoping I can pull a fast one on my dad and get a used Evo VII, but if not, hopefully the Ralliart one. :p