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My new website
Posted on: July 10, 2009, at 05:06:09pm

So, with the help of Maldon, I recently created my own site...

It's not exactly original, but maybe it'll get me a few extra bucks a day in ad revenue.

I'm open to any ideas, suggestions, feedback. The layout is pretty well set... just need to put a bit more content onto it. Been a bit slow recently with newly released games.


  1. Sweet. I'll check it out. Also 1st post ;D

  2. :O It has your header ;D.

  3. Nice Tass!! I'm likin' it.

  4. And to celebrate said release we receive subscriber songs...!!
    or not

  5. you could randomly make me a mod cuz im kewl like that. :P But nah, pretty neat you got your own site. you could link people from kongregate and put all tip and stuff there and add forum discussions based on topics you are good at helping with. :)

  6. Pretty nifty :)

  7. I think it's a good idea and it looks cool

  8. Thanks, Mr admin, for once again putting your personal life in front of your previous obligations at FFR.
    I couldn't be more proud.

  9. I like the site :D

  10. Thanks, Mr admin, for once again putting your personal life in front of your previous obligations at FFR.
    I couldn't be more proud.

  11. lol brian

  12. haha

  13. lol zero. copied mah comment

  14. I like it, at least you won't be lining us to random places, just one.

  15. Not bad, saves me time having to go look for the videos on youtube.


  17. See that hide button up there? Fix it. I don't want this to show up everytime you make another advertisement.

  18. I mean, I did buy subscriber so I wouldn't have to put up ith advertisements right?

  19. advert advert advert

  20. ^yes
    I approve of quadruple post.

  21. Do you know what some people would do to have your job? I suggest you make an attempt at doing something with it.

  22. You say you don't like being an admin?
    Oh, that's no trouble at all.
    We can just give your position to Sprite, and give Sprite's position to Hammy.
    and *poof*
    FFR is 8 times better.

  23. hey now thats just being ignorant

  24. I dun think so

  25. Maybe I'm wrong and he spends loads of time working on FFR.
    If this is the case, he should tell us.
    Then I can tell him how I was wrong, and we are blessed to have him. That is, if that's the case.

  26. well even if he doesn't help out ffr much anymore he spent a lot of time for a 4 year period being the best admin, he pretty much ran the site. I think he deserves a bit more respect

  27. Just saying-- looking through old front page stuff all I can find this entire year is him talking about stuff that other people did for the site, namely LD.

  28. It's like my mind exploded onto this page. I like it.

  29. lol way to collect ad revenue from your website... -_- <3

  30. Oh.

  31. I lol'ed at XXXsmittyXXX. xD

  32. I don't think you even slipped in a kong referral link... zomg
    Did you?

  33. bye ffr

  34. Using FFR to advert your own website to subbies.. good job.. I hope Synth corrects this

  35. this site needs more porn

  36. At least put -something- about FFR on it. >_>

  37. I hope you guys realize that any admin that posts a random thought it shows up on the homepage? This isn't really tass trying to advertise to just subbies. It's more of a bad implementation of a feature on my behalf.

  38. and this too

  39. lol troy

  40. i agree with everything everyone posted on here.
    except the deadmining tass bit..
    subbies have a LOT of features. It isn't obligatory to add more every day.

  41. but it is obligatory if it's been months

  42. meh. maybe.
    I just dont like the people that can't say something like "Hey, awesome, but could we have some updates? :)"
    instead of:

  43. What is FFR? Tass don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more.

  44. OMG a new comment

  45. it's been months...

  46. awein999 make another post. PS I changed my opinion everything I said earlier in the comments.