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Tass Tips Episode 5 - Mastering Games (MrRubix Gue
Posted on: June 28, 2009, at 08:33:16pm

So Rubix and I got together and recorded this for y'all. It's 3 parts, 25 minutes long total. Next part will be released in about 2 weeks. Enjoy!


  1. 1st

  2. awesome vid. 1 star ;o

  3. LOL

  4. LOL

  5. Wut

  6. Am I the only one who really doesn't care at all about these?

  7. No

  8. HAHA I am with AC1 and vanilla. LOL

  9. +1'ed every post except Guru's...
    Can we subbies take a vote on whether or not we want Tass Tips on our home page?
    idk if it's just me, but I'd personally prefer something geared specifically towards FFR. Not just flash games, or any other game for that matter, in general.
    Take these to IGN or something. -_-

  10. PS
    you have big ears Mike (Tass) >.>

  11. you can X it if you don't like it. and yes, i have large ears.

  12. WTF, come visit me assholes. xD

  13. Yet another stupid video on the homepage

  14. Cry about it some more, why don't you.

  15. zeroskill you're an idiot. Cool video by the way ;)

  16. actually sat through and watched the entire thing. kinda makes me want to get into gaming.
    next vid, you should let rubix wear your hat and glasses. :D

  17. Tass what if we don't have friends to "bounce" ideas off of?
    i had to shave off 10 mins myself :(

  18. lmao GG, you got on your alt to call me an idiot? xD

  19. Tass has a -6 downvote xD

  20. Actually they kinda help if you know what the dudes are talking about (these are mainly general gaming tips for flash games aka kongregate ;))

  21. Haha Rubix and Tass.

  22. yeah. it definitely helps if you have played the games we're using as references... *shrugs*.

  23. I love how Rubix isn't even a subby, but he gets to be on the front page.

  24. :D

  25. xD

  26. Tass You've given up on FFR =(

  27. Well i don't think you can teach someone to be good at a game. All you can do is turn a noob into a trainned noob, but then hes no uber pro like me. xD

  28. Tass Tips 5 - Return of the Think Tank!

  29. LMAO! zero you're sad for downvoting my comments get a life dude go cheat some more FFR no one likes a homo. By the way Rubix has every right to be in this video or anyone Tass chooses for that matter. Does not mean he has higher status and yes it seems they've both given up on FFR and moved on to better things. (Kongregate)

  30. Well rubix stopped cause his hands wont let him continue and tass has been here for what, over 5 years? I don't see myself playing ffr in 3 years i dont know about you.

  31. wow.. i cant believe i subjected myself to a lecture.... on playing games HA, the irony.

  32. no one likes GG_Guru

  33. Like he said, no one likes a homo

  34. I just came.

  35. sorry brah, wasn't me who down voted you. it was your fan club. ;)

  36. holy crap, down voting is sick, FFR FTW. um I tried to watch this vid but I am nowhere near dumb enough to stick it out, sorry

  37. lol
    +1 to Tired_Old_Man gg

  38. best talker, Tass.
    Rubix no offense, good thing u dont talk alot, keep playing bro.

  39. Dear Tass and Mr.R
    Don't let these guys get you down. Doing this kinda thing can be fun, and may help someone, so don't listen to them. GL.

  40. Also I wouldnt edit if I could, but guys, for real, why be so negative? They didnt have to post it . . . . , I mean, think about it. I agree alot of it is gamer common sense, but I think thats the point of the videos, some people have no common sense :/
    Just a thought.

  41. tass yer a nerd.. but at least your a cool nerd.. ;)
    rubix.. idk your just a smartie-pants go whore stuff and beat everything you crazy man xD
    anyway great vid guys.. re-enforced everything i know and lvoe about gaming.

  42. plus it was cool to hear rubix lecture.. the moral of this vid is dominate everything

  43. holy shit. mr rubix has a face

  44. i always thought he was a machamp

  45. that aint mr rubix