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TD_Project writes...
at 1:06:24pm on 2/17/11
Site is running still, looking for all TD members to join up and be a part of the Team Domnation Project website!
See you there!
- Darcy T
TD_Project writes...
at 3:10:00am on 10/27/08
All Team Domination members who are still active message me back saying your alive and well :) I'm creating a list of active TD's and deciding where to go from there.
Thanks :)
nestlekwik writes...
at 10:15:08am on 5/15/08
My guess is even though av-misses have been fixed in the actual game engine, the replays still operate as if the av-misses were still there. So the data array of when you hit the keys remains the same, it's just the replay engine accounts for those keypresses with av-misses and do not reflect the true results of your game play.
darkbuckethead writes...
at 6:49:29pm on 4/20/08
0 AAA's???????????? but you had to AAA to get this
TD_lonewolf01 writes...
at 6:01:31pm on 4/15/08
hey keyes, if you get on soon and are interested in a team vs team tourney plz contact me asap. my info is on the front page:
Phynx writes...
at 11:41:53pm on 2/22/08
ROFL! No, that was a figure of speech. XD Nah it took me a bit to be able to watch downscroll and play my fingers at the same time. I have never played any game like FFR before so it took me a bit to get used to.
Phynx writes...
at 11:38:54pm on 2/22/08
Well to be perfectly attuned to it. I started out on 1.5x and after about a month of playing it, I was completely comfortable with it. I started playing 1.75x once the beta came out so like.... 8-9 months after I started playing downscroll did I switch to 1.75x :P
Phynx writes...
at 11:25:00pm on 2/22/08
Dude when I switched to reverse... I became material over night :P It may be different for different people though... reverse is just far easier for me because EVERY other rhythm game I play is standard reverse scroll(Guitar Hero, Beatmania, etc.). So reverse is just normal to me.
Phynx writes...
at 11:16:21pm on 2/22/08
Here's my secret... keep it hush hush... Reverse scroll and 1.75x :P Sometimes 2.0x speed. But here's the biggest secret... play SM... which I totally suck ass at. :(
Phynx writes...
at 11:08:18pm on 2/22/08
Haha, nothing with my normal life really. Just my FFR life has improved exponentially as you might be able to tell :P
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