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Age: 15 Grade: 11 Birthday: September 25 IQ:215 I'm Black, Native American, and British Ya-Ha! I'm pretty shy. I'm almost exactly like Shikamaru (Naruto) besides my shyness. I tend to end most of my sentences with "yeah","hmm","un",and"um".
reading and drawing manga watching anime playing piano and guitar video games (especially Fire Emblem, DDR, Pump It Up and Guitar Hero, Marvel vs..., Tekken, Soul Calibur, Kingdom Hearts, Virtua Fighter) cloudwatching Sailor Moon NARUTO Shikamaru Shikaku Nara 1st Hokage 2nd Hokage Izumo Kotetsu Hayate Genma Kisame Mizuki Deidara Sakon Zabuza Pain/Pein Mandara/Madara Bleach Renji Shuuhei Grimmjow Ulquiorra Nova Rose One Piece Ace Zolo Sanji Shaman King Amidamaru Ren Eyeshield 21 Hiruma Yuyu Hakusho Hiei Chibi Vampire Ren Vampire Doll Vincent Dune Fushigi Yuugi Hotohori Vampire Knight Toga Yagari InuYasha Sesshomaru Full Metal Alchemist Envy Blood+ Hagi Fire Emblem all characters but Geitz is the favorite Zombie Powder Gamma Vandread Duero/Duelo Final Fantasy Vincent Cloud Kingdom Hearts Riku Ansem Zexion Marvel Gambit Sabertooth
Fav Music:
Rock (especially Guns n Roses, Van Halen, Pearl Jam, Avenged Sevenfold,Kiss,Dragonforce!!!) J-Pop J-Rock especially HYDE Beethoven Virus Rolling Christmas Video Game Music
Fav Movies:
Transformers Any Kung-Fu movie Any Samurai movie Any Rush Hour Anime movies
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Posted on: November 14, 2007, at 08:56:44pm   [0 comments]
if i dont respond to your comments, votes, its because of school ect. but i will answer and vote when i get the chance!

Comment wall
~{Renji}~ writes...
at 6:29:39am on 2/19/09
thumbs up =D
Panic4Me writes...
at 8:10:30pm on 9/25/08
thanks :D
and you're welcome
Kyo-Angel555 writes...
at 4:13:43pm on 7/15/08
hey sorry if i havnt been on
kiugames writes...
at 6:43:09pm on 5/25/08
rlz play with me online ?? jeje score = xD..
Poisoncage writes...
at 4:17:29pm on 4/5/08
Yeah, I like Bleach. XD I'm sorta re-watching the series, and I'm almost finished.
I don't really have an absolute favorite character, and Shuuhei is really cool. Though, I kinda like Renji, and Kyouraku is the coolest. xD
Poisoncage writes...
at 8:31:23pm on 3/30/08
Your picture is of Renji, right?
It looks very sad and emotional. I like it.
ShadowEternal writes...
at 3:51:32pm on 3/19/08
Since you haven't finished the anime, I won't spoil it for ya. I'm tryin ta finish the manga, but there's so many chapters! That, and I'm reading Zombie-Loan too. It's...interesting.
anime13 writes...
at 5:54:27pm on 3/17/08
ShadowEternal writes...
at 7:30:41pm on 3/15/08
Thanks. And yes, I've seen the whole series and am now persuing the manga. It's the first one of it's genre that I actually like...besides Gundam that is. But I'm usually found looking at Black Cat or something...
lord s snake writes...
at 1:45:16pm on 3/13/08
u wanna join a bleach clan???
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