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About me:
Names kelli. I'm a music addict. Sarcasm is my middle name. Paranoid and cautious as hell. I'm known to be like "One of the Guys". I do play xbox alot.
music, skateboard, snowboard, legend of Zelda, daydreaming, anime, cooking, hanging with friends, books, gaming, billiards, animals, being in the rain.
Fav Music:
by far, Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band. disturbed, Hollywood undead, evanescence, tech n9ne, shinedown, hinder, bullet for my valentine, etc. Any kind of rock or metal.
Fav Movies:
forrest gump, sweeny todd, aladdin, girl with the dragon tattoo, Horror, comedy, tim burton, Johnny depp.
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Cloud_Strife15 writes at 9:38:09am on 2/1/13
Yupp lol I entered a tournament and I have 2 billion points the last time I spoke to you was like when I had 300 million now I have 2 billion lol it's going good how about you
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 4:26:46pm on 1/29/13
Awww sorry to hear that hun
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 5:09:26pm on 1/28/13
Hahah I try, I try ^^
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 5:20:25pm on 1/26/13
Ehhhh lol could be better
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 5:19:51pm on 1/25/13
Cold for us lol
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 12:05:38pm on 1/13/13
Lol nice I can't talk to people when they are drunk n.n but when they have a hangover they are kinda amusing
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 11:09:41am on 1/12/13
Oh believe me I know how that is some days cause occasionally I am in the same mood and am all grumpy and shit
Xiz writes at 5:26:52pm on 1/9/13
+1 in my book for you hahaha
Cool story, my iphone is named cubone, my computer is named marowak >.>
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 4:12:41pm on 1/9/13
Bout to head out to work tiered as hell though didn't get much sleep and school was crazy I like had to "Get my crayon"
Xiz writes at 11:51:57am on 1/9/13
Hello Kelli! :D