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Waz up dudes? Im just a random, crazy, random, dorkazilla that loves music to death! Kingdom Hearts is my all tie favorite videogame! I love Tim Burton Movies and I am an aspiring musician. I'm a big music nerd and junkie, so if you wanna start a convo with me just talk about good music! (I used to use this account a long time ago when I was about twelve or eleven and I've changed since then so we should really catch up)
Music, Drawing, Singing, Writing, Videogames, Internet, Friends
Fav Music:
Back Veil Brides, My Chemica Romance, Sleeping With Srens, Get Scared, and Blood on the Dance Floor. (My Top Five)I can go on and on about all the music I like, but that would take an eternity of writing. XD MUSIC=LIFE
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Tim Burton Movies
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Sweeny Todd's Epiphany
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It's Just Me - Escape The Fate
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Legendary FFR Master writes...
at 8:48:44am on 6/7/12
thanks for the add
PurpleNinja614 writes...
at 7:19:42pm on 6/3/12
lol i know<3
PurpleNinja614 writes...
at 7:16:28pm on 6/3/12
no, im amazing
PurpleNinja614 writes...
at 7:08:20pm on 6/3/12
lol ok silly
AngelxAshes writes...
at 6:35:08pm on 6/3/12
Actually it's old hair. It was red & Pc altered to pink cause pink is awesome. Sorry to disappoint. xD
PurpleNinja614 writes...
at 12:53:03pm on 6/2/12
so thats what they call it nowadays XD
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at 12:51:13pm on 6/2/12
lmao perv. and sure if you want.
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at 12:46:25pm on 6/2/12
thats not weird. it depends on if i slept the night before really. why :P?
PurpleNinja614 writes...
at 12:41:42pm on 6/2/12
lol thats fine :P
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