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I'm a guy that lives in California, and goes to a public school. I've played SM for almost a year, and has played FFR for half a year.
Playing FFR or SM, using the computer almost all day. Yeah, I have no life.
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Music on DDR, ITG, FFR, and Video Game Music.
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Don't watch movies, prefer using the computer and playing FFR for a few hours.
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Not that it matters anymore, but this account...
Posted on: February 11, 2012, at 03:02:20am   [0 comments]
...was essentially fake.

As in, I pretended to be some random 15 year old bisexual person in 6th grade and kept using this alter ego for 2ish years. (I'm shocked I was never accused of being a UAU.) I guess it was due to my loneliness as a middle school kid. I used FFR as an escape from the real world. But now, I'm currently a 16 year old junior. I don't think I'm bisexual (maybe that'd change, who knows...) and I've had a girlfriend for about a year and two weeks now. She's just lovely. Anyway... yeah. I don't think anyone will ever read this besides me but... Ponygonpwns was a fake person. It was a fun childhood here on FFR. I find it sad I spent it here. But it kept me alive and happy. I oddly have so many emotions for this website right now, like how I wish it was as bustling as it was in the past. Things happen. Fuck. I guess that's it?

I'll keep all the fake info about this account here, just for the memories... it's nice to have.

I'm sad...
Posted on: July 9, 2009, at 01:51:08pm   [0 comments]
...I just realized I missed sign-ups for the Official FFR tournament! ;_; Damnit, only if I came back to FFR earlier I could've signed up. Meh, I probably would've lost the first round anyways (because I was put in Intermediate last time somehow and I probably would've been in Inter again :P) so I kinda feel better. I'll just play the songs as if I'm part of the tournament, even though I'm not. :(

EDIT: I feel like crap because of this, so I'm not gonna play FFR anymoar (actually, I might just play 1 or 2 songs a day, but that's it). I'm hurting myself over this, so I'll just go play Pogeymanz (Pokemon) until it's over.

Back and actually mean it! :O
Posted on: July 6, 2009, at 05:19:41pm   [1 comment]
I'm back again again again (I think that's the amount)! I probably will stay on this time though! :D Not frequently on the forums, but probably a few games a day. Plus, I just got 2 AAA'S BITCHES!!! Even though they're piss easy songs...

Posted on: October 17, 2008, at 06:36:02pm   [2 comments]
Forget retirement! life for me is too boring without FFR. I'm never gonna make a mistake like retiring ever again. Also because the song Elements may help me remember the Periodic Table. :P Also I'm NOT switching to spread. It seems too hard to switch after playing one-handed for 2+ years.

Posted on: September 4, 2008, at 09:50:54pm   [1 comment]
I'm bi. See my link to all my confessions in my siggy.

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personthatiknow writes...
at 12:36:29am on 9/19/09
Hi relative! :P
SpammyMcSquirrel writes...
at 4:10:33pm on 7/7/09
how could I ever forget how epic chatzy was? xD
Card Man writes...
at 3:02:11pm on 7/6/09
Welcome back!
RawMeat786 writes...
at 7:42:41pm on 5/11/09
Hey how are you
Bynary Fission writes...
at 7:33:35pm on 1/3/09
Did you fall off the face of the earth or something?
L0NEvvolf writes...
at 5:01:29am on 11/6/08
Happy Birthday.
SpammyMcSquirrel writes...
at 10:44:39am on 11/2/08
Bynary Fission writes...
at 6:44:24pm on 10/17/08
Awesome! To celebrate your return, you can start by watching meh video. :D
Bynary Fission writes...
at 7:13:26pm on 9/30/08
You're switching to spread? ;_;
PlayTrumpet writes...
at 5:59:33pm on 9/29/08
Grats on winning 5000 credits!
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