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Not that it matters anymore, but this account...
Posted on: February 11, 2012, at 03:02:20am

...was essentially fake.

As in, I pretended to be some random 15 year old bisexual person in 6th grade and kept using this alter ego for 2ish years. (I'm shocked I was never accused of being a UAU.) I guess it was due to my loneliness as a middle school kid. I used FFR as an escape from the real world. But now, I'm currently a 16 year old junior. I don't think I'm bisexual (maybe that'd change, who knows...) and I've had a girlfriend for about a year and two weeks now. She's just lovely. Anyway... yeah. I don't think anyone will ever read this besides me but... Ponygonpwns was a fake person. It was a fun childhood here on FFR. I find it sad I spent it here. But it kept me alive and happy. I oddly have so many emotions for this website right now, like how I wish it was as bustling as it was in the past. Things happen. Fuck. I guess that's it?

I'll keep all the fake info about this account here, just for the memories... it's nice to have.