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Theres not to know about me.... im a simple man but i think very complex like if you ask me a question ill give you the most in depth answer
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(jokes) Jesus and Saint Peter are golfing. St. Peter steps up to the tee on a par three and hits one long and straight. It reaches the green. Jesus is up next. He slices it. It heads over the fence into traffic on an adjacent street. Bounces off a truck, onto the roof of a nearby shack and into the rain gutter, down the drain spout and onto a lilly pad at the edge of a lake. A frog jumps up and snatches the ball in his mouth. An eagle swoops down, grabs the frog. As the eagle flies over the green, the frog croaks and drops the ball. It’s in the hole. Saint Peter looks at Jesus, exasperated. "Are you gonna play golf?" he asks "Or are you just gonna **** around?"
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Movies that dont suck lawl
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Posted on: April 12, 2009, at 10:43:59am   [0 comments]
So i recently decided its time to stop kidding myself. I HAVE TO AAA EVERYTHING I CAN. There just comes this point where you notice everyone with your rank has plenty of them but you dont. Overall rank is what used to matter to me, I WANT ON THAT T-Shirt. But a name without a reputation is nothing. I want to be one of the best not just the dude on the top. I started today with my new idea taking on dance first. Page 1 is almost completed i will update with details later.


Posted on: October 21, 2007, at 02:35:23pm   [1 comment]
W00T! Cheeseilicaous...

Posted on: August 4, 2007, at 11:51:35am   [1 comment]

Cigaro( just another system song)
Posted on: May 31, 2007, at 06:17:07pm   [0 comments]

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Thanks for the add. :)
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at 11:58:50pm on 3/27/09
lol sorry dude. Hows it goin?
NinjaBear writes...
at 4:54:58pm on 8/13/08
xD (favorite music section)
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at 1:46:13pm on 5/20/08
nice avatar :o
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at 2:56:31pm on 5/18/08
You are not...
EAGAMES writes...
at 11:03:26am on 5/12/08
I've changed it at leaast 3/4 times last week and probably like 30 times last month so it's too much to write, lol.
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at 10:30:03pm on 2/21/08
hey can u help me
EAGAMES writes...
at 1:31:35pm on 2/10/08
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at 3:42:40pm on 1/13/08
Hey there,
Congrats, and have a happy birthday!
lxrowe writes...
at 10:22:03pm on 12/8/07
Hey, you called me a hacker, why?
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