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Posted on: September 23, 2013, at 10:15:46am   [0 comments]
It's muh Bir'day!

Sometimes I Remember
Posted on: September 16, 2013, at 12:13:53pm   [0 comments]
I can't believe at all the time that has passed since I was last on FFR. Ah, this wonderful site which I spent so many hours tapping away on my keyboard, either smashing arrows to pixelated oblivion or chatting with the awesome folk here. I think it is a bit embarrassing that I still have my old avi, and this account name that I made when I was just a teenager. Now I am a grown ass man with responsibilities, and all I can do is laugh at myself for noticing that I am still ranked ~3000 in FFR. Come on, guys. I have been gone for FIVE years without much arrow mashing in between and you guys haven't knocked me down to ~10,000 yet? Pick up your steps, everyone. I don't deserve to be that high haha >_<

Anyways, I am thankful for those who stopped by to read this silly post, and I hope that I may come back and stick around to meet all the cool people again.

Until then, I guess :P

Posted on: March 6, 2007, at 03:37:10pm   [0 comments]
Okay, I found out the reason 8P
I got banned for providing a website to download roms. Roms are illegal (as the reason for my ban.) Oopps lol

Posted on: March 6, 2007, at 03:34:30pm   [0 comments]
I got banned for the first time.. *enter dramatic music*
What did I do? Oh wellz 8/

Posted on: January 11, 2007, at 03:17:31pm   [0 comments]
Beautiful credits have been stolen away from me due to the recent update. Oh wellz...

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tsubasa6795 writes...
at 5:58:28pm on 12/12/13
MixMasterLar writes...
at 12:22:49pm on 9/17/13
TGB = The Garbage Bin. It was that section of the forum that had almost no rules. Changed alot, mostly us old people hanging out and commenting on how some things don't change XD
And thanks man. It is a good job and I can easily see myself doing it for 30+ plus years. Times are crazy but thankfully I was grandfather'd in (It is the exact same company as the one I worked for back in 2008 if you remember that lol). Hopefully now that you are out of school you can easily pick one up soon.
MixMasterLar writes...
at 3:53:38pm on 9/16/13
Hey lol good to seeya on here.
Yeah, I dropped out of the scene for a few years and have just recently crawled back on to see what was up. Been chillin' in the new TGB and playing random simfiles in SM. Good to hear you made it through college bro, I know you've been looking forward to that for a long time now! I ended up never going back like I had planned, but I have a good gig at a grocery store working 48+ hours as an Produce Asst. manager---mostly a title, I'm more or less a stocker but I still make a good living. No complaints lol
MixMasterLar writes...
at 2:50:50pm on 10/17/09
Dude sup?
ddr_f4n writes...
at 6:24:37pm on 5/17/08
China FTW!
telomoto writes...
at 2:36:03pm on 3/13/08
MixMasterLar writes...
at 2:40:13pm on 12/31/07
Long Time No Chat
Hope to hear from you soon. Take care
MixMasterLar writes...
at 7:22:24pm on 11/16/07
Sup man? great hearing from you! yeah Ive made a few sims....I wouldnt say any one is that I think my all time best are still unreleased, hit me up on AIM and I'll let you test them.
chunky_cheese writes...
at 5:06:07pm on 8/17/07
Thank you! Have fun sexing it up xP

What do you mean my details box stands out too much? I want people to know me, chat with me, have fun! :)

chunky_cheese writes...
at 4:56:05pm on 8/17/07
Hey what's up? I gave you a thumbs up! ^_^

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