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13th Official Tournament
Posted on: June 29, 2020, at 02:08:31am

Round 1: G e n g a o z o (AAA)
Ayyy we back with another tournament!! This year my chances of placing a high spot in D8 have both raised (improved my skill level greatly since last year in general) and dropped (lol because so many monsters form alternative games showed up suddenly). We'll see how things progress from there on.
So this time Round 1 began off much easier than last year's, starting with a base line difficulty of 98-ish. When I watched the previews, I was expecting myself having a lot of trouble with Gengaozo because, I swear to god previews look 50x harder than when I actually play them, even D7's looked horrifying :o But no, I took a good two tries (first BF, then AAA) to bust out an AAA and finish this round (Earlier today I played Almost There on rates to sort of practice & prep). Many people predict over half of D8 will AAA this, which I definitely can't argue lol

D1 - AAA - Jump Up, Super Star! (TLT Remix)
D2 - AAA - Darkside
D3 - AAA - Rain [Astronaut]
D5 - AAA - RENDEZVOUS - lul trill
D6 - AAA - kiss the sexy robot ultimate championship 201X!!! - lul trill
D7 - AAA - Inferno of Fomalhaut - Sightread AAA, also super fun I love hitting split jumptrills :]

Round 2: Brrrreeed Cicadididi (AAA)
And thus a week has already passed by and it's time to see the files for Round 2. Last round we have had 10 (out of 21) people AAA'ing the Round 1 file, which falls just below my earlier speculation of predicting 50% D8 AAA's. Ripperionerinio. Mkay so for this round's file... welllll it seems like we are starting to step up the game a little here hmmmm. Uhhh call the ambulance, but NOT FOR ME!! That's right, I took barely a half hour to memorize and get an idea of where all the fast jumptrill bursts are, took quick advantage of playing it mindblock free since first time playing duh, and got away with a shiny Round 2 AAA within the first 10 attempts. See you in a week.

D1 - AAA - Embrace - Beautiful song! I think I've heard this from somewhere before
D2 - AAA - Child Protective Service Theme Song [Standard]
D3 - AAA - Cheeseburger - Cheeseburger
D5 - AAA - Sunset Sky Garden
D6 - AAA - Raspberry Railgun - Harder than D7 confirmed? Jk was my first song today idk lol
D7 - AAA - The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix) - Another fun sightread. Let me just give a moment to appreciate both the file and the song. Love this eze <3

Round 3: J-CORE SLi//CER Technique (AAA)
It's now week 3, and Frums makes the first, initial appearance in this tournament bringing a song and file infested with minijacks, stepped by none other than Autotelic. I started my session by AAA'ing my own file first (Trap Funk), followed by grinding out D7's. Then I play my round. Ok ok so despite the threatening, mindblockable intro, the absurd 4-note jump-jack, a couple of 3-note jumpjack/jacks along with sudden, nearby minijacks tied to other jump & notes forming despising transitions among them, which includes the several among many of these uncomfortably stupid [23]1[23]1 sections, and the nerve wracking ending,...... I still got it. lol
Still though, I just barely managed to grasp onto the AAA before braincubing the file just like I've done w/ the intros of /a/ and oppirish, which would've became another disappointment

D1 - AAA - Change Yourself [Light]
D2 - AAA - TURBO - Awesome, dope song!
D3 - AAA - MIDI Beach
D4 - AAA - Pizza Hat
D5 - AAA - Ani Mevushal - I LOVE THIS SONG
D6 - AAA - Trap Funk - I made this file yay :D
D7 - AAA - HeadXplit - Some more easy gold stinger jumpstream, thanks to grinding Tool-Assisted Speedcore
P.S. this might be my last perfect round for D1-D8

Round 4: I'm A Fucking Idiot (BF)
Well, looks like we are here now. I scored much better than I ever expected (seems like bursty files are my keen strengths), despite all the failed AAA runs & not snagging the AAA, but hey I'll take blackflag. This file will likely end up in the 103's so my blackflag will turn into approximately 102.60 equiv, which isn't much but still pretty decent! I will leave this file alone for a while now, waiting for whenever my next godly session will happen or something.
Oh and I looked at the Round 5 previews and yeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh......,, now I'm quite concerned a bit. No but like, I STG if Round 5 gets me again

D1 - AAA - Tap on Damen
D2 - AAA - Breakout [Standard]
D3 - AAA - Bad Boy
D4 - AAA - Breakout [Heavy]
D5 - AAA - Smash and Burn
D6 - AAA - looming shadow of a tree long gone - mfw D6 AAA this but not Trap Funk
D7 - AAA - Chronomia - Nb, more straightforward JS/HS-------------------------^ (uderstandable)

Round 5: Track Title (15-1-0-1)
Haha Triack Title ok thanks klimt. So you know how I expect to do worse on files via watching previews until I actually play them and get a nice decent score, right? WEll this is literally the opposite LMAO. At first glance I genuinely thought this was just going to be another Gamma High Quality Rips wannabe. It sort of was, but klimt (knowing the shit he puts in his ffr files lol) decided that it would be a world-wide affecting idea to jam a bunch of sudden right-handed inward anchors following some rolls (1234123434321). Seriously great job
In the end though I kind of held it all together, pushing through the ending section with only 2-3 goods. Oh and also I just fulfilled my one and only goal: Top 8 let's fucking go

D1 - AAA - Preset Junkies VIP
D2 - AAA - Oedo Hop
D3 - AAA - Snorestop
D4 - AAA - Hornet
D5 - AAA - Naive Hopelessness
D6 - AAA - Cobra Commander - Ngl I did struggle a tiny bit to get this
D7 - AAA - Vantablack - Sweet, so far I don't seem to have problems AAA'ing all D1-D7 files

Round 6: Zygourous Distribution (44-1-14-6)
Ah yes, Zygourous Distribution, where my score will get distributed zygourously. Good thing this isn't put in Round 5 lol (Flashbacks from 12th OT) So yeah anyway now that I have already achieved the shiny D8 Top 8 badge (getting it after OT finishes), I kinda don't seem to put my maximum effort into this file anymore which seems reasonable. Yet still, I suck at this file, despite trying it within 2 decent sessions lmao. But hey, as a result of practicing tons of fast JS/HS files on ffrmania over the past year, I didn't cap out at over 100 raw goods this time!!! yay
To finish it off I have to say that the target range for D8 difficulties (98 - 110+) has been much more accurate than last tournament's (104 - 113+). Props! Much more enjoyable to have something AAA'able in D8 for once ;]

D1 - AAA - Twilight
D3 - AAA - Opia
D4 - AAA - Sakura Fubuki (Arrange Ver)
D5 - AAA - Marianas Trench
D6 - AAA - Armageddon - I love these types of files!
D7 - AAA - [line:epsilon] - That last anchor duuuuuuuude. Though I'm gonna say this file is most def easier than last round's


  1. Good luck in the OT!

  2. Hell yeah another OT journal these are always fun to read. GL dude!

  3. You have improved so mutch during this year, i wish you the best of luck in the OT n_n. Even if new god have arrived in the game you have a special place in my heart as a Main FFR Player.

  4. <3

  5. Are you playing the bonus songs too or just the division's files?

  6. Always a fun read. Thanks for updating it so consistently.
    For what it's worth, I apologize weeks ahead for when you get eliminated by my file <3

  7. Oh yikes, well I guess my mission is to survive Round 5 because top 8 is literally all I care for lol

  8. also thx for readin :D

  9. u r perfect and my hero

  10. I'm rooting for you to get 1st place boi

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