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Marissa is a cutie!
FFR Rank:7,464
FFR Average Rank:57,885
FFR Grandtotal Rank:160,132
FFR Grandtotal:45,831,235
FFR Games Played:74
Location:Christmas City, Christmas Island
Last Activity:07-21-2008
Forum Posts:26
Member for: 14.7 years
Gaming Region:USA - New England
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Profile Votes:79
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ExTrEmE_19 writes...
at 9:13:29pm on 12/18/07
hello hey hjow's u day going:)?
acdcrocks24 writes...
at 8:32:56pm on 11/8/07
ll sephirothll writes...
at 10:57:27pm on 10/14/07
you should post a pic of your real self and not steal if from someone else. your pathetic.
Xx{daisy}xX writes...
at 2:39:41pm on 10/13/07
Hey what's up my bro wants you to have his e_mail he thinks ur hot and his FFR name is brnadavidnelson. E-Mail is
doutybomb writes...
at 3:35:04pm on 10/8/07
steeleunseen writes...
at 10:35:05pm on 9/30/07
hey your absolutley the moooooooooost gorgeous girl ive ever seen ! .. do you want 2 answer a survey for me real quick??.. like would you 1.fuck me , 2.suck me , 3.kiss me , 4.think im ugly and run away , or 5. other?
giyomon writes...
at 8:42:08pm on 9/16/07
dam u got banned =O
hyrochu writes...
at 1:38:05pm on 9/9/07
helllllllllllooooooo oooo cuty girl
martinmonkey777 writes...
at 11:50:50pm on 9/8/07
deeymmmm hot hot hot hot
NarutoFoxDemon writes...
at 9:57:56pm on 9/8/07
Narutard, rofl
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