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Posted on: July 28, 2008, at 10:08:20pm   [0 comments]
when i'm gone don't spend time thinking about me cause i will be looking upon you looking over you to make that nothing will happen to your beautiful soul so let me go but keep me in your heart and movie on with your life so you will have now regets in life, when i'm gone don't let the sadness of my death take over your soul, so find the light in ur heart so the pain can melt away slowly, when i'm gone just rejoice on the happness that i cause you, when i'm gone will always be looking down on you smile, when i'm gone just reminder as a person who tried to make people happy and not sad, when i'm gone don't let the darkness inside you change you forever, when i'm gone keep in mind that i will be your amor and if anyone tries to hurt you i will rip them apart, when i'm gone carry on so that life will be easier for you, when i'm gone don't kill yourself to be with me cause i wouldn't want that for you.

but must of all love me when i'm gone

Posted on: July 21, 2008, at 05:41:57pm   [1 comment]
in order for man kind to balance's its life man must balance the problem within one an other so man or women can find pace and balance within each other so they can understand life better so that we can get along pacefully and to live without anger, hatered, and war

to nina the girk who stold my heart
Posted on: December 6, 2007, at 06:35:27pm   [3 comments]
On the day she was born they all gather around and the
head nurse spoke and said "This girl will grow
up looking like an angel so
protect this girl with your lives." turns out she was right make a rich man steal she make an old man blush she make a young boy squeal when she walk the kings and queens bow before her with just one look from that pretty smile
can make you the guys melt
into a puddle of my when you look into her eyes you will see heaven and the stars above if she was a god
it be the goddess of beauty
and perfection when the stars come out at night they remind me of her beautiful eyes when she smiles it’s like the beautiful moon when she talk
it’s like hearing an angel singing in my ear sweet dreams are made by her I would travel the world and
seven seas just to see the
real thing in person every mile that splits use feels like I’m in hell forever
if I don’t see that pretty
face of her I will die cause
it gives me life her hair
is soft and smooth like the
wind she is sweeter then honey she can make you fly with smile of her

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Kitty-Floof writes...
at 8:13:52am on 8/15/12
mellybear! writes...
at 4:11:36pm on 8/13/12
not much, what about you??
mellybear! writes...
at 9:51:29pm on 8/12/12
no problem((: you spelled my nickname right :"") ahah((: <3
i_am_phenomenon writes...
at 5:02:04pm on 8/3/12
thank you very much
i_am_phenomenon writes...
at 9:40:28pm on 8/2/12
thank you for the picture comment (:
just got my glasses today
S4mantha writes...
at 12:31:04am on 8/2/12
S4mantha writes...
at 11:33:37pm on 7/31/12
Not too much, just at home chilling. :)
S4mantha writes...
at 2:16:02pm on 7/31/12
Good thanks :)
i_am_phenomenon writes...
at 4:30:38pm on 7/30/12
apologies, i call everyone sir. its sort of my thing that i do.
i_am_phenomenon writes...
at 9:20:53pm on 7/29/12
hello, sir.
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