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Leon S Kennedy
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Hi my name is Ken. I'm kinda new at this haha. i know 3 people on this site in real life thats Vash, Leon and Zac. And if you wanna talk just say something.
Hanging out, shooting and messing around with my friends I guess haha.
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Don't a type I like more then the rest haha.
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Anime_Angel123 writes...
at 1:26:52am on 7/12/08
Well you're welcome hehe you have awesome pictures.
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes...
at 6:44:31pm on 11/22/07
well i think u should do what makes u happy and always havw fun with it....ya im glad its<333
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes...
at 5:40:34pm on 11/21/07
thats cool...sounds like fun....mouse<333
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes...
at 6:40:17am on 11/20/07
im good....soo what do you do in those pics>?....mouse<333
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes...
at 10:27:07am on 11/19/07
how r u>?..moise<333
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes...
at 7:55:15am on 11/16/07
hi :)....mouse<333
Synthlight writes...
at 9:54:50pm on 11/13/07
First person to post on your wall.