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people call me mouse... im usually really easy to get along with... i love to make friends... if u have something to say please come right out and tell me dont hide it, dont start talking shit about me... just fucking tell a straight up honest person... i hate liars with a passion.. if u even think about lying to me dont bother even talking to me.. its not worth it.. and ill tell u straight up how it is i keep nothing to myself... im really not a mean person... unless u fuck with me or my friends or family... i really like to chill with friends all the time...welll when im not working ... but yeah i have really cool friends and extremely close firends and you could be a friend just start a convo im up for anything..i love to play sports even though i dont play them much... so if u have any question or anything u wanna no just ask me...
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i love you matt you are the only one in the world that can make me soo happy.. your the only one who makes me smile, laugh, and just totally happy in general...i can usually tell you everything, your always there for me... you always care when you dont have to. Im so glad we know each other...i luv you to death i just wanted you to know...i hope we stay friends or more... forever...

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squishy013 writes at 1:28:01pm on 12/8/11
Summary of your about me:
Hi I'm Mouse, I'm nice
So yeah, feel free to talk
ImOnFlAmEs1990 writes at 4:02:44pm on 1/21/11
Alaeviea writes at 2:00:07pm on 1/10/11
everysport_11 writes at 1:46:06pm on 8/23/09
I'm having a great time
everysport_11 writes at 5:06:26pm on 7/31/09
I'm in the army now. Stationed in Georgia and going to Korea in October. What's up with you?
Demolisher45723 writes at 12:51:18pm on 5/6/09
long time...drop in i am on every day now
Demolisher45723 writes at 9:48:57am on 3/3/09
wussup girl?
Demolisher45723 writes at 7:59:17am on 9/24/08
everysport_11 writes at 8:55:36pm on 9/23/08
psh.. im never busy. i try my damn hardest not to be. after playing every sport offered, and private teams, and all that and having that every day.. im ready to chill out. i love ur display pic btw
everysport_11 writes at 4:07:21pm on 9/20/08
hey cuttie face! whats up?