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I am a Christian!!I love the lord with all my Heart! I am ElementDay and Laf's sister!I am 13 and have 9 people in my family.I like to play soccer and the piano.I have been to Ukraine and I love to see how many people love our Lord:)If you want to know more don't be afraid to ask.
I love to draw and I am pretty good at it.I play the piano and I like to sing as well.I love to share Gods word whenever I have a opportunity.I like to play ffr of course:]I have more interests but to many to type down:]
Fav Music:
Barlow girl,some of The Fray,Britt nicole,some Taylor swift,Three days grace,Hillsong,some Linkin park,I'm a big fan of Toby Mac.I like most Techno and I have a lot more.
Fav Movies:
I can't name them all:)I guess i can say I like most Disney movies and Johnny Depp movies!
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manga_freak101 writes...
at 11:39:52pm on 3/22/11
i love you more than you know ;D lol..=3 hi lol
koolio_Girl writes...
at 3:09:12pm on 11/18/10
Hiya! I'm on. Want to try MP again?
Missiongirl2087 writes...
at 4:53:07am on 11/18/10
Thanks. :) I'm usually on around 5 AM or 10 PM. But I've been kinda sporadic. When I get back up to college it'll probably be late at night like 10 or so. (That'll be in December hopefully.) How about you?
koolio_Girl writes...
at 8:20:32pm on 11/17/10 follow this link k?
koolio_Girl writes...
at 8:15:15pm on 11/17/10
Press the link in the FFR lobby (Home page) that leads to MP k?
Panic4Me writes...
at 8:14:53pm on 11/17/10
Yeah, it is. I go to the local community college.
koolio_Girl writes...
at 5:52:41pm on 11/17/10
Hey. Tell me when you're on next time so we can MP (multiplayer) ok?
Panic4Me writes...
at 5:40:04pm on 11/17/10
I'm pretty good, somewhat stressed out with schoolwork tonight.
koolio_Girl writes...
at 4:42:54pm on 11/17/10
Garbage Bin?
koolio_Girl writes...
at 4:33:01pm on 11/17/10
Stressful....lolz. Are you able to get on chat?
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