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lol 愛しています........<3 ummm..about me~~~~~~~~~~~~` m just that all around type a guy, im invincible except one person know my weakness. >.> but anyways i LOVE music, i feel like im married *sort of* and i have a nice family. I have one brother way old, hes almost 30 and im 16. xD Me and him are like sasuke and itachi, i feel like killing him for some reason but i wouldn't really kill anything......*unless i step on it* Well i love to draw....unfortunately i haven't been staying with it so im losing my touch with it, yet i like new found autistics like photography and movies......really i love scenes, i would stay out in my backyard and watch the wind blow the trees beautiful it is...... im a tough fighter but a stronger lover. ^^ ive been in karate now for about 2 years now and im a blue belt -___- long way to go to be black xD ummmm for now this is all i got to say but ill put up more, when the time comes......^^;; if you wanna know where i am besides here, im on gaiaonline xD if you want to add me, im `A k a biii!!! NOTE* i dunno what the votes are for but i really appreciate every one of them xDD* ギュッ
Gaiaonline, playing video games, dancing, winning things, and sleeping.^^
Fav Music:
Rap, techno stuff, basically anything with a beat xDD
Fav Movies:
Matrix, animes, die hards, and ummmm those moral movies. *don't ask why xD
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Bleach rush....
Posted on: August 12, 2007, at 03:04:18am   [0 comments]

raw as hell.

Points of athority
Posted on: July 16, 2007, at 12:14:47am   [1 comment]

Its Dare...
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hi its melissa krause this is my new profile because ffr wont let me back on my old one so add this one instead
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ur movies are damn nice!
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besids bein bored...notin much
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