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Posted on: February 28, 2014, at 04:55:31am

These EASY songs I HAVE SO MUCH trouble trying to AAA.

Mercury lamp - AAA - Took like half a year of trying to AAA and hundreads of trill isolations

Asteroud Run - AAA - I can't just PA trills and this is one trillphobic's nightmare

Euphoria[Antinomie] - AAA - So boring, so annoying. I can't believe that this difficulty 6 song is the last of these yet not AAA'd. EDIT: I WON'T REGRET OF STAYING UP LATE TODAY! Mildly drunk and tried to play this shit for the lulz and it took only one try to AAA! Lol this is the biggest accoplishment in months :D

Toxic - AAA - I don't know what it was with the jumpchain but I needed to isolate it like 50 times before managed to AAA

Science Genius Girl - AAA - The trill seemed to be impossible to AAA for some unknown reason and I thought for a long time that I can't ever AAA it. Usually couldn't even SDG the song. Then 14.1.2015 randomly isolated the trill for a couple of times and BAM MOTHERFUCKER!! AAA'd the song first try after the isolations.

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