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PAIN IN THE ASS - list v2
Posted on: February 21, 2015, at 09:35:25am

So, like in list 1, but these aren't that easy songs. Just having a lot of trouble pulling a triple A.

Pwntendo - AAA. Lovely song with really enjoyable steps. I have had this blackflagged for years. Blackflagged this n times over the years. Then just suddnenly a AAA.

Coat Czech - blackflag. Those 64th bursts will get me at some point, usually after the first half of the song. I sence that this is going to be the last still not AAA'd.

CIA rave - AAA. The ending one hander trill gets me when I can make it that far. EDIT: Isn't it ironic that I manage to AAA this the same day (21.2) I added it to this list. I just needed to mirror it and AAA.

{Rose} - AAA. Easy song, but somehow I manage to fuck it up at some point. Edit: Like CIA rave, AAA'd with mirror in 21.2.

Pupil of Frenzy - AAA. The second repeatpattern takes me. Somehow I can't deal with the bpm change. EDIT: Like {Rose}, managed to AAA with mirror in 21.2 :D