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kingTaven writes at 5:43:01am on 5/20/19
Get gud
-Blue7- writes at 2:02:34pm on 5/4/18
-Blue7- writes at 8:52:54am on 5/4/18
SoFast writes at 12:17:39pm on 5/2/18
yep! pretty sure i still have you as a friend, so dm me if you want ;) (dave#0470)
SoFast writes at 11:57:07am on 5/2/18
:o long time no see dude, how's it been?
SoFast writes at 1:45:23pm on 11/15/16
Not gonna be on discord for a while; it's a long story but I'm dropping out of the tourney. Sorry for being vague about it but I'd rather not get into details.
DissonantMuse writes at 4:46:51pm on 10/30/16
yesh :3
FirstMaple8 writes at 9:03:48pm on 10/3/16
almost d4 xD
V-Ormix writes at 7:49:37pm on 9/30/16
yeah that was just my half ass memory of lyrics from that alive pegboard nerds remix xD
V-Ormix writes at 11:58:48pm on 9/29/16
ru making the night line till the dae u dye n_n