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My FFR files
Posted on: September 7, 2013, at 02:18:59pm

Which of my files currently in FFR do you consider my best or your favorite?

  1. The bird's concrete nosedive
    Breakbeat Acid

  2. Jamais Vu for best and favorite \o/

  3. Miss Candy on TV

  4. Positively Inclined RMX (My absolute favorite from you)

  5. Euromorroc

  6. Mourning the Lost for first, Slashmaid in a -very- close second.

  7. jamais vu
    hero reconsidering
    jamais deux
    miss candy on tv
    mourning the lost

  8. Ding Dong (Light)
    Was one of the songs that really got me into FFR hahaha

  9. Jamais Deux
    The Bird's Concrete Nosedive
    other stuff I may have forgotten
    also if I were to obtain permission from Alexander Brandon would you submit the JJ2 Main Menu to FFR?

  10. alright since I've now FC'd Jamais Vu (12-0-0-0) count that in too

  11. I love all the hard ones, but I find all the easy ones to lack substance.

  12. Would consider Jamais Vu your best, A Kidney Stone being my favourite.

  13. I remember liking Super Signal Force quite a bit. I also liked 2-9 so they'd be my 2 favourites of yours! Jamais Vu's kinda growing on me despite it being as hard as hell! XD

  14. Really hatred? I like your moderate ones too! I really enjoy your snow05!

  15. Btw <3

  16. Jamais Vu and Entry.

  17. not gonna lie, I really enjoy Fall Silently. Entry and Mourning the Lost are a ton of fun too.

  18. Mourning the Lost!

  19. A kidney Stone, 2-9

  20. So far?
    Blue. Unlike some of your other files, which are pretty ridiculous, Blue is actually kind of fun.

  21. Zanzibar Green is my favorite (so far) out of the ones I'm currently able to play through.

  22. Shatterscape, Metro and Firstaidvision are my picks.

  23. they all great, i play extratone pirates a fair amount tho cuz im a stream whore

  24. Extratone Pirates

  25. Blueđź’™

  26. 2-9, Horizon Remix v2, and Downtemperature as top 3 for me with others files being close.