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Clipso's Gameplay Stats Today
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HammyMcSquirrel is awesome!
Posted on: August 28, 2008, at 01:27:49pm   [0 comments]
I won a subscription from his subby give away.

I <3 you Hammy!

Here We Go video
Posted on: August 5, 2008, at 09:26:11pm   [4 comments]
Currently ranked about 30 out of 35 or so...

Eclipse (Solar) FC!
Posted on: July 27, 2008, at 04:16:11pm   [2 comments]

Profile Makeover!
Posted on: July 18, 2008, at 07:49:12pm   [1 comment]
Yeah. I got creative and changed my color scheme from blue/black to red/black.

FFR Tourney Round Four
Posted on: July 12, 2008, at 04:23:40pm   [0 comments]
I got eliminated in round four... Damn you Rebirth for your Border of Maximum stepfile! I played that song over 700 times in one day trying to AAA it, I failed :(

AAA'd the Round five song in about 10 tries... i was the 6th or 7th AAA. I'm sure I could have gotten vRofl if it wasn't for round four. >:(

On a brighter note, I AAA'd a few synthlight files today, I guess that's an accomplishment.

Comment wall
MarcusHawkins writes...
at 1:06:52pm on 7/25/15
Oops wrong person, sorry.
But great job getting 1000 AAA's anyway!!
MarcusHawkins writes...
at 1:03:19pm on 7/25/15
Congrats on being the 100th person to reach 1000 AAAs! :D
Valrog writes...
at 4:47:25pm on 10/15/14
Gratz on 1k AAAs
Feszy writes...
at 11:44:08pm on 10/5/14
(ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง
ffr212 writes...
at 1:05:53am on 10/25/13
kitty druid
Momoko_Katsura writes...
at 6:45:53pm on 1/17/12
Wow. My comment was still here from Jan 25th of last year xD
Druid avi keeps catching my eye
Go_Oilers_Go writes...
at 1:47:34am on 12/4/11
Sucks that you got moved, dude. You were my prediction to win D5 from the start.
euphoriakisses writes...
at 12:17:40am on 12/3/11
Oh weird. You live in NS.
bmah writes...
at 3:18:24pm on 11/30/11
I've only noticed you because you're comparable to some scores I've been getting (well better), and I would've ended up in D6 if I joined the tournament. (e.g. 6-0-0-0 vs your 2-0-0-0 in kono spoon, 4-0-0-3 vs your 4-0-0-0 in Amen Iraq)
You'd last for at least a bit in D6...
bmah writes...
at 2:42:00pm on 11/30/11
you're insane for a D5 player. If I was to place bets, 1st choice would go to you.
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