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Closing thoughts of the 7th Official
Posted on: August 12, 2012, at 12:49:39am

Welp... I wasn't good enough to nab a spot for top 8, but that's okay. Placing 11th isn't all that bad. I still get some prizes and hey, TOP 16! That's more than anyone can ask for.

I will say this though, this current round, round 6... I got 7-0-0-1 on it which pretty much makes me... 2nd now on the score board from the others.

I'll ghost for now and see how well I would've done in this round and then probably get angry at myself for failing so hard on Nous.

It was fun though, I know I'm definitely D5 though for next time, which is a shame since that means I'm going to have to face against everyone in my division again that's top 8 currently.

Ah well, can't be helped.

And thus this concludes my tournament log. Thanks for reading.

  1. If you're going to participate in the next tournament, I suppose the most important thing now is to focus on maintaining/improving your skill - rather than fall into a skilldrop. You don't even have to be a fanatical player to maintain the skill.