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Posted on: August 5, 2012, at 01:10:17am   [1 comment]
So, it's now round 5 and I'm top 16. Excited for this opportunity. If I go out now, I'm proud of what I accomplished here in this tournament. Of course... the tournament is still far from over. It's just now there's so few people in it still.

So... here's a recap of what happened.

Round 3 happened, it was the Replicator, this was by the far my favorite tournament chart. I managed to get 3-0-0-1 on it, which was really impressive considering it had some really tricky sections.

Then came round 4, the halfway point. I was scared of this round, only because I learned what I was REALLY up against. Players in D4 had skill boosted far beyond what I could that I was not very motivated to continue on. That didn't stop me from trying though.

I got around 8 goods and stayed like that for a good five days. It was not fun, trying over and over again to master the steps in Flamingo. I thought I was beat when the cut off went below 8 goods.

But then...

On Friday, August 3rd, I beat my score. Not just by a little, but got another 3-0-0-1. I was ecstatic, I was going to go to the next round, I was going to be top 16.

Saturday came and it seemed like a lot of D4 players were in panic mode. Indeed, everyone seemed to have improve there scores by Saturday that my score of 3-0-0-1 was the cutoff, AGAIN! But I wasn't too worried, 3 other players with me were tied with the score.

Now we're at round 5, a JS heavy chart. Will I be able to master this chart? We shall see, because now win or lose, I'm proud of getting to where I am. But I'm still going to try for top 8.

D4, better watch out!
Posted on: July 20, 2012, at 12:17:57am   [3 comments]
Well, it certainly has been an interesting 4 weeks or so from when I signed up to the tournament until now. I was scared of it at first, seeing all these players with good scores and such, but then... I guess something kind of clicked.

During the placements, I was wondering how good of a player I was. So I went out of my way and decided to play every song I have not played, just to see how well I could do.

I was doing alright, getting a good here, getting a AAA on the low difficulties. So then I thought I was D3 material. Alright, cool, I didn't think though I had what it takes to beat everyone. Plus I knew I wouldn't get any supporters since I basically knew next to no one on the site in the new FFR.

I kept playing through all the unplayed songs though, but I guess this is when everything just sort of changed. I was slowly getting better, I didn't think so, but other players were noticing whenever I spectated and played along with them on a different engine.

I got much better that players that knew they were going to be D3 didn't think I would be there, but in D4.

I didn't like that thought, I joked with them saying I probably be destroyed and such. They were dead serious though.

Well... the day the placements came in, people were already in a ruckus over placements and such. I was placed in D3, as I was also suspecting, but I was in joyous cheers as I was beating majority of the scores D3 players had. I was excited to be placed.

Then... I was bumped the next day.

This may be surprising, but I was in disbelieve that I was in D4. I seriously thought that was it, I had no chance to win. But somehow, through my doubts, I kept on playing knowing now I needed to do better than D4 scores.

I was very nervous, I had recently just seen how the finals were and that made me think I didn't have a chance to do this.

Then came round 1... oh boy... I was really nervous. So I played it, and got a black flag on the first go. A score I kept on getting over and over and over. I was very upset that for round one I could not get it. Then I realized everyone else in D4 was also having trouble.

...Maybe I was in the right division? I don't know, it seemed odd that less than nine or so players were having trouble.

I kept getting a BF on the round one song, so I gave it a break and played the other tourney's songs.

I guess this is when I raised some eye brows, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I got three goods on Euromodic and 3-0-0-1 on Spoils. I was surprised at those scores. I didn't think I could do stuff like that.

So I went and played other songs in the same difficulty ranges.

Lets just say that a lot of the 66-72 songs I was SDGing. I truly was surprised that I could do this.

Finally on the last day, I calmed my nerves and AAA'd Addict. I was so happy at this that I promptly told everyone that was around me.

Then came Round 2. Maybe it was a confidence boost, but I found the song choices really easy. And then on the very same day I got eight goods on Since 1983. Recently I've been getting more SDG's in the 66-72 range. Now I was getting some attention.

Well any who, I AAA'd round 2's song with no problem. So now I've had this extra time to improve even more.

Now, just today, I was getting really good PA on some 80-85 charts and this is what's really freaking me out. I really hope that this doesn't mean I'll get bumped or anything, but if this keeps up. I really do feel like I will be bumped up, just because I've been increasing in both speed and doing complex steps. Now people are saying to me I should be D5!

What the future rounds hold, I don't know. I just hope that someone doesn't up and go I was a sandbagger all this time. I don't think I was and I hope I wasn't.
Posted on: July 1, 2012, at 06:17:10pm   [3 comments]
Alright, I've been skipping these songs for far too long. Now I'm going on a journey in which I will attempt to FC/AAA the low leveled songs.

Hey, it's easier now to see if I'm progressing within difficulty because of the new scale! Alright, lets do this.
Posted on: February 18, 2012, at 04:15:31am   [1 comment]
Haven't typed anything here in ages apparently. So here you go, some random text on some random page.

Decided to see what this site is up to since I sort of got back to playing me some Stepmania. Looks like it's still doing pretty awesome, with updates even! Good, hoping that my next visit here the site will still be alive and kicking.

I don't know, I guess I'll stick around and play on here for a little bit. Who knows, I might have that groove again. I doubt it, but eh... since I'm here... =P
Posted on: November 22, 2010, at 02:12:54pm   [0 comments]
They say that they have a working MP and Profile Chat is supposed to work. But I can not connect to either one despite following instructions I've read from others.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I opened the ports, made it inbound and outbound through the firewall, even tried disabling the firewall, and still nothing.

I guess I'll just wait until the MP part of FFR is more connect friendly before I try again.
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My thread got locked… gradient is saying it’s “not an HRI issue” despite the timeline lining up perfectly. It might make sense that it isn’t RSI, just that I’m exerting myself with strength that I don’t have anymore. It’s just as viable of a theory of me having RSI. Tbh, neither are confirmed since I haven’t seen a doctor in months due to a lack of funds.
I’m seriously wondering if these lock happy mods want me to actually succeed, or if they just wanna crush my spirit/force me to shitpost.
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