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Hi, my name is Chris. I like playing sports alot, hanging out with friends, listening to music, and playing FFR!
Being outdoors not staying inside too much, Hanging and talking with friends, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Soccer, Cross Country, Ultimate Frisbee, TV, Playing some video games
Fav Music:
Jason Derülo, Jay Sean, Bruno Mars, Boys like Girls, The All-American Rejects, Making April, Akon, Mario, T.I., T-Pain, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Chris Daughtry, Usher, Kanye West, Rihanna and basically almost anything that's good
Fav Movies:
Social Network, Inception, Salt, Blindside, Never Back Down, Avatar, Hitch, Ocean's Eleven Twelve and Thirteen, Fast and Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Inside Man, Casino Royale, Ironman 1 & 2, Jumper, Hancock, Wanted, Batman Dark Knight, Eagle Eye, Disturbia
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KIRA_DeAthNoTE writes...
at 3:01:11pm on 11/7/10
Hello! Wow it's been ages since we last talked. How u been??
animechick101 writes...
at 11:38:19pm on 11/6/10
i still continue to care for u. i hope u've been happy ^_^
animechick101 writes...
at 11:29:02pm on 11/6/10
hey remember me? i miss u
yukimoon writes...
at 3:50:55pm on 10/28/09
(haven't been on in almost a year xD)
wha'sup :]
manga_freak101 writes...
at 12:30:31am on 8/30/09
heyya wow its been a long time since ive said hi to u
babyheart1989 writes...
at 4:38:42pm on 8/22/09
hey havnt said hey in a while how have you been lately
ExilixE writes...
at 10:04:09pm on 5/13/09
Sorry I haven't been on!! I've been up to alot lately and I haven't had alot of time to go on but I wish I could, Sorry
ShadowMist writes...
at 8:57:08am on 3/12/09
I'm pretty okays! ^-^ Having an one week break from school next week so I'm good. :PPPP
No more early mornings and sleepless nightssssssss!!! <3 lol!!!! XD
ShadowMist writes...
at 8:29:14am on 3/6/09
oh haha! :P are you? :DDD
yukimoon writes...
at 12:00:32pm on 2/19/09
sorry i havent been on lately DX
(i was A: grounded for a while, and B:lazy.....
-innocent grin-)
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