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My Legend Dates back to the 12th Century!
The 5 Hour Story Telling Party!
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I will Sing you a song! "Excalibuuuur, Excalibuuuur, from the United K, imma looking for Heaven, i'm going to Californiaaaaaa, Excalibuuuuuuuur, Excalibuuuuuuuur, Excalibur, -15 second pause- Excalibur, Excalibur, Excalibur, Excalibur, Excalibur, Excalibur, Excalibur, Excalibur, Excalibur!
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Random Thoughts
The river that never flows
Posted on: June 17, 2011, at 10:40:10am   [0 comments]
When summer come's, the wind will blow
but still never will, this river flow
Its form so pure, but still as night
It remains motionless, no matter how hard the fight!

It's hard to see if its there or not
except for when the rain will drop,
though ripples show, water rose
the stream will not over flow!

This river's called pain, it is inside
The walls surrounding it is Hate
But even though, I can't denied
I slowly drown in this fate!

And now I know whats going on
but what am I to do!
I want to live a life re-drawn
I life to live with you! <3

Poems of the Heart
Posted on: June 17, 2011, at 10:39:05am   [0 comments]
Her heart was like a Ruby
A bold flame inside lit up
Her eyes of a Sapphire
a pool of limitless potential

Her hair is like thin Topaz
a stream of golden hope
Her Body is that of a Diamond
It's crystal purity show's

Her body is of all these Jewels
for she is that of a Queen
and only to those who are fools
to see her is only a Dream

But one man unlike any other
knows just who she is
everything he can't live without
He's other half she is!

She was Created just for him,
and He just for her
Never will he Lust again,
For their love for each other truly burns!

My Light my Night
Posted on: June 17, 2011, at 10:38:23am   [0 comments]
It is about time, but that's nothing to be, what is that I mean
You are more then more can be
Even in the dark site our hearts can always see

And see is what see does when there's light we see us
What was is what's more that I can't see you no more
My light was like fire, so sweet but so bold frozen at night till the night is still cold

It was warm like the sun and beautiful like a Rose
But it dosen's matter because my nights now are so cold
I was happy back then not to happy now but wishing it never came to an end

What in the world was I thinking, what could I do
I needed someone to hold, someone I could go to
But now only friends is what remains in between

For some reason I'm happy, I'm mad, I'm cold, Im Hurt, and healed, and who else knows
But one thing I can never be is in love again for this is too much pain
If we don't even remain friends I'll always pray for her and all I know

I guess I cna try to love again, but how soon, and who, and better yet when
When God tells me that the time is right, I know I'll be ready, for true love I'll fight
This is why I wait so calm to hear the voice so still and small, for he is my first true all

The King of King's and Lord of Lord's!
We call him Yahweh and that's real!

How to live Life?
Posted on: April 28, 2011, at 08:51:59am   [2 comments]
I'd rather live my life as though there is a God, and die to find out that there isn't, than to live like there is no God, and die to find out that there is.

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at 9:41:49am on 7/28/14
I posted something but it's just blank.. delete please, and hi. long time man WHAT'S UP (:
ballet dude writes...
at 8:49:07am on 12/11/13
Nice profile :3
itachi_kitty writes...
at 9:01:24pm on 11/5/13
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at 11:14:13pm on 10/29/13
yiss i are back hello
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at 7:02:14am on 10/14/13
Where aree youuuuu, why so busy :D
Tarrik writes...
at 6:51:04am on 10/13/13
Thanks :p
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at 10:00:57pm on 9/30/13
HAAAAAA thanks :D
so whats up?
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at 9:21:32pm on 9/28/13
DRAW FOR MEE. pweaaase :D
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at 5:15:49pm on 8/30/13
Random friends add is random. rofl Here, have a vote up as well. lol
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