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Posted on: June 14, 2008, at 12:48:23pm   [10 comments]
My username is not from Inuyasha. It never has been.

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Snapps writes...
at 8:31:02am on 8/5/20
i remember you saying to me "see you on the internet" after james games and it never happened
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 6:55:36pm on 12/12/18
are you the voice of the characters for super smash flash (the first one)? it says someone named Kagome did the voice of the characters
Awww_muffin writes...
at 5:17:48pm on 7/14/15
Says I don't have permission to make a new thread here, (I am trying to submit 13 songs I've produced for video games, which never got sold). And give permission to use and step them.
Litodude writes...
at 4:12:57pm on 2/6/15
sup weirdio
ravenhexa writes...
at 7:56:25pm on 5/12/14
oh hi
hugo!!! writes...
at 8:25:20pm on 3/5/14
yo yooo whats uuup follow me on instagram! :) @ninjatricking
iv been on ffr for many years too! please follow :D!
L.B.D.D writes...
at 1:39:06am on 10/27/13
you're so mysterious
let's play league
NightSonnett writes...
at 7:39:57am on 10/19/13
Oh hey!
Razor writes...
at 12:12:00pm on 12/5/12
Cool. Added.
Razor writes...
at 7:20:39pm on 11/30/12
Hey, I just saw your post on the front page about the VC room. Since I own the room, just wanted to know if you have a TinyChat account, so I can add you as a moderator/admin.
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