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Posted on: February 10, 2020, at 11:49:39pm   [2 comments]
I've gotten engaged ❤
Posted on: November 4, 2019, at 11:28:11pm   [3 comments]
Listen I should be winding down to rest for work tomorrow but I have a headache so FIRSTTTTT I felt like doing this

I see that some of you assholes (and I say that in a friendly way lol) are peeking into this site like I am so I figured I'd at least say how I am and what I do these days, especially since I'm not online much

I ended up studying graphic design in college and graduated a few years ago. I moved across the country to live with my bf almost a year ago and now I just spend time with him when I'm not at work.

I still watch anime once in a blue moon and I still play video games and all that good stuff. Cute things still make me happy and my bf is the best and puts up with my antics, has for years now lol

I reallyyyyy don't go on skype or anything anymore and I've retired from my old days of roleplaying and spending hours upon hours in chatrooms

And honestly, if any of ya'll ever read this:

When I was in what was it junior high through my high school years? You guys, the friends I made were some of the folks that helped me through my rough patches of my personal issues. I had times in the garbage bin of where I was nearly crying from laughing at the stupid shit in the chat, or times of when I hated myself but was cheered up by you guys.

I don't know what I would have done if I didn't make all the friends I did online through here and through other sites. I'm sure it helped in some form to shape me to be the person I am today

And I do appreciate that. We might never talk or anything again, but if you see this, it was cool. Real cool. Thanks for putting up with me back then when I was awkward as hell.

Small sneaky edit: My skype name is dorkosaurus which I might check once in a blue moon
Posted on: July 4, 2017, at 08:27:07am   [12 comments]
I don't know how many of you guys will see this, but the nostalgia is suddenly kicking in and I feel like I need to say something on here.

FFR was one of the sites that helped me get through my crappy self-esteem and yada yada. It gave me a lot of laughs, sometimes to the point of crying from laughter. I may have been stupid at times back then since I was only a kid, but I had some awesome friends to be stupid around.

Back to the main point though.

I'm always on skype. My username is dorkosaurus

Just PLEASEEEEE tell me what your username was on here or I'm not going to accept it. And of course, I'll only accept people I talked to.

And if I don't remember you well or something from back then, I apologize. I don't remember things the best sometimes! (It's been 10 years for me okay lol)
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XxXMetalheadXxX writes at 2:52:52am on 5/6/13
powerfullsbrother writes at 2:50:57pm on 3/8/12
Dear Misu,
Prior to my serious rambling about the past few years, allow me to do this:
Enough of that.
How have you been? We need to catch up some time. As you can obviously tell, I've matured drastically (a bit too drastically if you ask me). Namine and I are still going out, almost four years. The past year or so have seriously declined my emotions (once again, reverting to my old self, but I'm slowly recovering).
I hope to catch up with you in the near future.
If not, this is good bye.
Julio (AKA Mr. Bukkit)
nuclearsamurai writes at 12:34:11pm on 10/27/11
You actually put that there. <3
euphoriakisses writes at 4:58:18pm on 6/9/11
Thanks. ^^
Vega09 writes at 2:43:22pm on 6/9/11
hey misu! its been forever howve you been?
nuclearsprite- writes at 6:25:23pm on 6/6/11
nuclearsamurai writes at 9:14:25pm on 5/30/11
butbut. :l
nuclearsamurai writes at 8:34:06pm on 5/30/11
Hey, I thought you said you weren't going to use the new profile style. D:<
TBM18 writes at 10:02:20pm on 5/29/11
Nuuuu. I love Kyoko more.
TBM18 writes at 8:47:54pm on 5/29/11
yah yah, Homura's a pretty cool gal. She kills witches and doesn't afraid of anything.