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FFR Genre: Rock
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Song Author
Victims and Martyrs AllRise
Straight To Video Mindless Self Indulgence
Switchback (Klayton Revision) [Light] Celldweller
Cash Cow We Are Scientists
The World As We Know It Scary Kids Scaring Kids
FFR Excluded
Driveway [Heavy] Making April
Jump In Making April
Roses and Butterflies [Heavy] Making April
Driveway [Standard] Making April
Roses and Butterflies [Standard] Making April
Driveway [Light] Making April
Cosmic Orchestra OSTER project
Red Dress [Heavy] LoveHateHero
Red Dress [Light] LoveHateHero
Amity LoveHateHero
Goodbye, My Love LoveHateHero
The Space Between Valencia
5 Black Skulls Veritas
Don't Breathe A Word These Silhouettes
London Bridges These Silhouettes
Unhearted Automatic Loveletter
The Moment Daniel Strider
Your Grace Daniel Strider
Switchback (Klayton Revision) [Heavy] Celldweller
Tom Savini vs. Greg Nicotero A Black Rose Burial
Brooks Wuz Here Folly
Break Out! Break Out! All Time Low
Snake Devil [Heavy] Scary Kids Scaring Kids
My Darkest Hour Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Faces Scary Kids Scaring Kids
American in Amsterdam Wheatus
Lemonade Wheatus
Flying High Empyreon
Eternal Nightmare Empyreon
Heel and Toe KURi-ZiLL
The Epidemic of Unexpected Relapses A Black Rose Burial
Southern Cross 403
The Divine Suicide of K Protest the Hero
Degenerates Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Rock Paper Snippers Against the Fire
Devotion and Desire Bayside
Dimensions Freedom Call
Allison Permanent ME
Between The Sheets Monty Are I
Build God, Then We'll Talk Panic! At the Disco
Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beerholder I Set My Friends On Fire
Koala In The Spider's Web Machinae Supremacy
The Wanderer Freedom Call
Doomsayer Hatebreed
Survive Rise Against
Flutter Ransom Rath
Kire Kire Mayoi IOSYS
Blooddrunk Children of Bodom
Hybrid Machinae Supremacy
Guitar Vs. Piano Goukisan
Eradication All Shall Perish
Reality The Berzerker
00.01 Nejino Hito
Get Um Up Army of Freshmen
Rise Up Freedom Call
The Rhythm Of Life Freedom Call
Bricks [Light] Rise Against
Comfort Betrays As I Lay Dying
MegaScorcher Machinae Supremacy
Air.sul G iRock Kryptos
Bloodmeat Protest the Hero
Shining Sword S.S.H.
Card House Dreamer This Providence
ABCDEath Psychostick
Largiloquent Dithyramb Psychostick
Cryosleep Machinae Supremacy
Inside The Fire Disturbed
Run Through The Stream Of Time Kryptos
Kyrie paraoka
Two Sisters Fiction Plane
Shut Up and Let Me Go ( w The Ting Tings) KO the Legend
Blindfolds Aside Protest the Hero
Yaunryu ~Yamikaze~ 403
Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too Say Anything
Band Dynamics About
Saddest RMX Drumcorps
Turn Soonest to the Sea Protest the Hero
Blame It on Bad Luck Bayside
Bouff Machinae Supremacy
It's Only Natural The Higher
Bury the Hatchet Protest the Hero
Kanon Medley ~Metal Wings~ 403
Bundy Animal Alpha
Chase You Down Making April
Four Blocks Madness ThePlasmas
Tamashii AKHT
Grist [Part 2] Drumcorps
Thrash the Plank SnappleMan
Through The Martian Hell ThePlasmas
the Article by Crow dBu
Dance and Zeal S.S.H.
Finding a Way Before Their Eyes
Gunkienen Tarusuigin tarolabo
analyzed paraoka
Footsteps Positively Dark
World Revolution CandySoup
Doomsday Red Blank
Clash on the Big Bridge The Black Mages
Toxic A Static Lullaby
Louder than Thunder The Devil Wears Prada
Immigraniada (Bassnectar Remix) Gogol Bordello
asterisk paraoka
Night Walker S.S.H.
Mourning the Lost 3 Mile Scream
Liberate Disturbed
Slashmaid (instrumental) paraoka
Earthquake On The Southern Texas Canyon ThePlasmas
Determination AKIMO
Fish Hell OSTER project
Wolf by Night, Human in Dreams ThePlasmas
Mortal Kombat Menu Metal Burn7
Betrayal The Berzerker
Demon Beast Appearance S.S.H.
Impulse An Endless Sporadic
Super Signal Force ZeroFuser
Heroes On Your Lawn At Night The Flashbulb
It's Too Loud Songs To Wear Pants To
VS Boss Battle S.S.H.
Spoils Protest the Hero
Since 1983 S.S.H.
Shotgun Surgery RedSGShredder
Freak Nike
Mostly Dark Universe Machinae Supremacy
Intersect Thunderbolt S.S.H.
Reminders sempus
To Make the End of Battle S.S.H.
Walking on Water This Providence
Within Life Boyinaband & Kaveh
Alchemy Godspeed
Exotic Matter JT Bruce
Let's Go Blue Stahli
C'est la Vie Protest the Hero
Lightning Strikes Again - Metal Squad S.S.H.
I'm a Monster Of Mice & Men
Twister Godspeed
Carol of the Bells August Burns Red
White Walls [Part 1] Between the Buried and Me
Warmish Walkin' maidable
ULTRAnumb Blue Stahli
The Ordeal Becomes Great S.S.H.
Spirits Godspeed
Lorem Ipsum Virt feat. Hatsune Miku
Internal Cannon August Burns Red
Not Our Tomorrow Miss May I
Throwin' Down Psychostick
Overklock Blue Stahli
Foam Born (A) The Backtrack Between the Buried and Me
Girl Directions Psychostick
Dead Throne The Devil Wears Prada
My Fxxkin Desire For You Yuyoyuppe feat. Hatsune Miku
Rising Blue Lightning S.S.H.
Down With the Sickness Disturbed
Witchcraft paraoka
Suit Up Blue Stahli
Umlaut Ampersand JT Bruce
Venus Fire S.S.H.
The First Epidemic Thy Winter Shadow
Great Battleship Stone McKnuckle
Over the Bridge Takajii
Railgun Blue Stahli
I Can't Wait Celldweller
BEER! [Psychostick] Psychostick
T&J "complete ver." Cranky
Play It Loud MxPx
Touhou Judgment in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years S.S.H.
Once Upon A December LEAF XCEED
Thunder Light S.S.H.
FUSE!! Godspeed
Senorita Bonita Celldweller
Poinsettia ARM
Poison of the Earth Reaping Asmodeia
Flounder Takajii
Palace of Destruction S.S.H.
Chaos [Godspeed] Godspeed
Leadfoot Getaway Blue Stahli
Phantasmagoria Mystical Adventure IOSYS
Want You Gone Jonathan Coulton
Trobbel Animal Alpha
Listen (Houkago Tea Time remix) Stone McKnuckle
The Simpsons Powerglove
Fukyouwa Astral Kai LeaF
Beyond the Universe Nautiluz
R2 Bumblefoot
Would You Be Impressed? Streetlight Manifesto
Champion's Horizon WillRock07
Anything An Endless Sporadic
Super Mario Main Theme S.S.H.
ROCKER HELLCAT Kazune Sawatari
Guitars Suck Bumblefoot
Guitars Still Suck Bumblefoot
Caffeine Psychostick
Slashmaid paraoka
Elusive Reaches Ensiferum
Winter Night's Journey (Through the Storm) LEAF XCEED
Real Bumblefoot
Dragonsbane Lorenguard
The Impresario Virt and Tommy Pedrini
Salieri's Laughter LEAF XCEED
Miss Jackson Panic! At the Disco
Lust for Blood setsat
For Alexandria LEAF XCEED
The Basement Community The Flashbulb
Head Banger AKIMO
Inspector Gadget [Powerglove] Powerglove
Aggressor S.S.H.
The April Sunshine Shed The Flashbulb
Dead Alus S.S.H.
Machines Crown the Empire
Snake Devil [Oni] Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Highways of Ice Ultra Raptor
Koi No Sibou Flag MOSAIC.WAV
Neo-Bushido Dan Johansen
The Oni Wars Dan Johansen
Tornado Dan Johansen
Illusions of Magic Dan Johansen
Giants Kingdom Dan Johansen
Shattered Gurodoll
Shotgun Senorita Blue Stahli
Bloody Mary, Kate And Ashley PUP
Fake Santa S.S.H.
As We Suffocate Of Mice & Men
Seppuku Dan Johansen
Headless Beast Bill Kiley
Damned Night Dan Johansen
Deadly Stealth Dan Johansen
ULTRAnumb (Paul Udarov Remix) Blue Stahli & Paul Udarov
Sibling Rivalry PUP
Sail On Masterplan
Son Of Robot Dance Gavin Dance
Sarcophagus Ninja 9000
Sutekina Hakaba de Kurashimashou [Alternative Ver.] S.S.H.
Into the Arena Masterplan
Hornet RichaadEB
Vantablack Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King
Marianas Trench August Burns Red
floating point (Drumcorps Remix) The Algorithm
Atmosphere Godspeed
Robert Desire 403
Spirit Never Die Masterplan
Sam's Song Dave Melillo
Don Pardo Pimpwagon Bumblefoot
Stricken [Light] Disturbed
Haunted Disturbed
Jackhammer Manifesto Blue Stahli
Vega JT Bruce
Disregard The Berzerker
Indestructible Disturbed
I Like It Foxy Shazam
Tengaku (Instrumental) Yuuyu
Prisoner Dance Gavin Dance
Stricken [Heavy] Disturbed
Give It All Rise Against
Bloody Revolution Dan Johansen
The Light Disturbed
Tonight Sunset Neon
Prayer of the Refugee Rise Against
ATHOTH A GO!! GO!! Machine Girl
Headbanger's Ballroom Masterplan
Heroes Masterplan
Masterplan Masterplan
Birthright (Blue Stahli Remix) Celldweller
Crystallized Silver S.S.H.
Savior Rise Against
Open Your Eyes Disturbed
Critical.Error The Algorithm
Mine Disturbed
Boss - Marian II Virt
Shanghai Teahouse S.S.H.
Prolix JT Bruce
Rebirth of Mars Matt R., S. Battle
All Hands Protest the Hero
Never Wrong Disturbed
Rationalist August Burns Red
Propane Nightmares (Celldweller Remix) Pendulum remixed by Celldweller
Heavy is the Weight Memphis May Fire ft. Andy Mineo
Anaphylaxis PUP
Anywhere But Here Rise Against
Metal Invasion Freedom Call
No Ordinary Love Memphis May Fire
Prequel To The Sequel Between the Buried and Me
Bricks [Standard] Rise Against
The Only Way To My Heart Foxy Shazam
Making Christmas Rise Against
Awake Aaron Zimmer
Full Blown Meltdown PUP
Bad Apple!! RichaadEB ft. Cristina Vee
Lakes of Flame Blue Stahli
Own Little World Celldweller
Latnemurtsni Catherine
Like The Angel Rise Against
Thornmail Pentakill
Chapter VIII (Pacifier) Sufferer
Enlighten Me Masterplan
You Don't Know Aaron Spectre
If You Can't Hang Sleeping With Sirens
Neon Dream Artificial Fear
Ready To Fall Rise Against
Blooddrunk v2 Children of Bodom
Space Doggity Jonathan Coulton
Decadence Disturbed
Walking the Streets of a Former Hell S.S.H.
Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated Rise Against
Erase Me Make Them Suffer
Shut Your Mouth Attack Attack!
The Instinct Mick Gordon
Bridge DJ Sharpnel
Chapter II (Then) Sufferer
Herald of Gargos Mick Gordon feat. Christopher de Leon
stream garden daisan
Into the Blue Fire From The Gods
Black Rain S.S.H.
Black in the Burn Masterplan
Help is On the Way Rise Against
Redemption Pentakill
Bones Make Them Suffer
Public Enemy Fire From The Gods
Criminal Disturbed
Chapter III (Sword) Sufferer
Primitivism Glome
Weeping Wastelands Make Them Suffer
The Voiceless Fire From The Gods
Diversion Fire From The Gods
Terra Liberty Freedom Call
Plastic Mind dBu
floating point The Algorithm
Grist [Part 1] Drumcorps
Immortalized Disturbed
If You Can't Hang v2 Sleeping With Sirens
Circle Netrum & Halvorsen
Real Man! LilDeuceDeuce
vivid landscape [Oni] paraoka
Avarice Disturbed
Blood From A Stone Sevendust
We Own The Night [Heavy] Dance Gavin Dance
Lifeline Fire From The Gods